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Time to say Goodbye

May 26th, 2009 by

Almost one year ago, the openSUSE Project launched the openSUSE forums as a merger of former suselinuxsupport.de, suseforums.net and the openSUSE support forums at forums.novell.com. Right from the beginning of this project, I served as the Project Manager and afterwards contributed as a Moderator at the OSF to the openSUSE community. Therefore the happenings at the openSUSE forums are certainly in my personal interest.

Today, Wolfgang Koller, the founder of former suselinuxsupport.de and one of the three Site Admins of the openSUSE forums, announced his immediate resignation from the OSF staff. I myself feel this as a loss, that is both unexpected and severe. From my perspective, he deserves our respect and appreciation for everything he has done for the openSUSE community and thus this post is dedicated to his person and contribution.

Also in answer to his decision, I myself announced my own immediate resignation from the OSF staff as well. Herewith I’d like to make the openSUSE community aware of these recent changes – this shouldn’t happen silently from my perspective.

Let me take the opportunity to wish the remaining OSF staff all the best for upcoming activities. Lead the openSUSE forums community into an even better future!

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7 Responses to “Time to say Goodbye”

  1. AlbertoP

    What is the reason for this?

  2. Xil

    Am very sad to see two such dedicated people leave, I which you both all the best in your furtures !

  3. microchip8

    Can we know the reason for the resignation of both gentlemen?

  4. greenmachine

    Thank you for your service. You will be missed.

  5. Passionate people are succesful wherever they are. Thanks to you two, for all your work so far and All the best.

  6. Good luck to both Gentleman. Hope they have success in their next Adventure. To: Vir@s ,nee’ Wolfgang Koller, Stop by and say Hello, from time to time, and let us know how you are doing. Of course Rupert is always Welcome as well to stop by the Unofficial Forum.

  7. Anonymous

    Its a sad day