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openSUSE-LXDE live CD now ready!

September 2nd, 2009 by

Yes, that’s true! After some develop and tests i finally completed the openSUSE-LXDE live installable iso based on openSUSE 11.1 made with SUSE-STUDIO.

I provide now, only 32bit (i686) image because that may still need some testing.

Some great news, bug #531667 has been accepted and fixed, that means that suse 11.2 will be able to run slim using /etc/init.d/xdm script as usual. The iso already includes that fixs.

here iso link: http://lxde.bsnet.se/openSUSELXDE_32bit.i686-0.9.4.iso

MD5: ffc163867d55f8e23718347a323d5c9a
SHA1: fd52440de253b9b801c4343c29de5472ffabe935

— post edit —

Thanks to Fisher Duan we have a new “mirror” here:


— post edit —

if somebody else wants to host it, feel free to do it, just email me : andrea@opensuse.org

Oh, i forgot, some release notes and links:


Login Manager : SLIM

Login manager used here is very lightweight, i’m talking about SLIM. it’s actually configured to autologin ROOT user on live CD; that setting is also saved on installed system (if you choose to install it), so to remove autologin (or just to autologin with you user) you MUST edit /etc/slim.conf, the file is well commented will not be difficult to find the lines.




Thanks to: Brother- for hosting


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20 Responses to “openSUSE-LXDE live CD now ready!”

  1. bringos

    Great job! Complimenti!

  2. oldcpu

    Many thanks. I updated the openSUSE Live CD wiki: http://en.opensuse.org/Live_CD#openSUSE_community_live_CDs

  3. oldcpu

    The md5sum I get after downloading is the following:
    ffc163867d55f8e23718347a323d5c9a openSUSELXDE_32bit.i686-0.9.4.iso
    … I have yet to install/burn, so hopefully that is good.

  4. oldcpu

    I burned the CD, and ran it on my oldest PC … an athlon-1100 w/1GB RAM and a nVidia FX5200 graphic card. Unfortunately, that 8 year old PC is too new to test the light weight nature of the LXDE live CD. 🙂 I wrote briefly about my experience here: http://forums.opensuse.org/tech-news/421110-opensuse-lxde-live-cd-now-ready.html#post2034757

    Its a nice liveCD thus far. Well done. Many thanks for putting this together.

    Those with older PCs who are looking for a light weight desktop should IMHO definitely give this a consideration. … In addition to being lighter than Gnome, KDE, and Xfce, it can also use the large openSUSE repository base for installing all sorts of applications (at the risk of restoring bloat).

  5. _jr_

    The LiveCD looked great, so I installed it on a spare machine; an Athlon 2200+, 512 Mb, shared Savage video, 6.4 Gb hard drive and CD-RW. I set it to not login automatically and not use the user password for root. Problem is, when it boots it automatically logs in as root and does not ask for a password. My guess is that it is still configured as if it is running as a LiveCD. There is no menu link to a “?dm” setup panel. I do not know which “?dm” is used for login and have not yet had time to look for the config files.

    Also, why move all of the setup applets into a “Preferences” menu when YaST2 is installed and does all (most?) of the same things? The menu arrangement seems a bit random. The “Install Software” link should be deleted from the desktop after installation.

    Overall, a very good first effort. Please take this as constructive criticism. And let me know what I missed or how to adjust this. I have been using KDE for 10 years, but I am not very well versed in other window managers. I do not like KDE4 or Gnome and have started to look for a different WM to use.


  6. Andrea Florio

    @ _jr_

    did you already changed /etc/slim.conf as i sed in Release notes on the page? slim actually doesm’t care about /etc/sysconfig stuff.

    I have to check better the prefernces menu, looks like suse_update_desktop file actually change something (if don’t know if that is a suse_update_desktop_file change or an upstream change infact on previous version, the menu appeared like that: http://files.opensuse.org/opensuse/en/6/6a/OS11.1-lxde-1.png and that set up wqas definetly better!)

  7. FameWolf

    Do you have a list of packages included or can generate one with “rpm -q -a > packagelist.txt” How often do you plan to “rebuild” the iso so that it gets enhancements?

    Were you ware Denny Halim has been producing an lxde livecd for some time? Perhaps you two could coordinate to make both your lives easier? http://wiki.dennyhalim.com/opensuse-minimal-desktop

    • Andrea Florio

      Yes i know him, and we are working together. As soon as we fix few things next LXDE iso wil be povided by OBS 🙂

  8. @famewolf, @andrea
    yes andrea got me into the team.
    unfortunately i still need to grip on the obs system.
    susestudio is so very easy that i lost my way on the obs.
    also my other projects keeps me busy and away from opensuse last few weeks.
    i will try to more focus on this…


  9. I have a little problem. I want to try this live cd on VirtualBox but, after loading, the panel of LXDE is flashing. Yes, it appears and dissapears everytime. I can’t see the buttons on it, only a white bar flashing.

    • Andrea Florio

      @ Tabris,

      That’s strange, some people report same issue, but actually i’m not able to reproduce it

      I’m using Virtual Box (default settings) and real systems.
      Any help to reproduce it (and then fix it) are very appreciate

  10. FameWolf

    Any chance of an updated iso with LXDM and the trashcan support Andrea recently worked on?

    If I’m running Denny’s iso on a laptop what repo do I need to add to get Andrea’s updates and will it conflict with anything?

  11. you just need to install pcmanfm from my home:repo (looks like that because power failure X11:lxde is not yet upgraded)

    to satisfy dependencies you need:


    you can actually download only required packages without add the repo itsealf.

    LXDM is not ready yet, so i think is not time to use it, at least not now.

    My new iso is coming soon any way 🙂


  12. Andre

    will try, thanks.
    Newer version seems more promising 🙂

  13. I’m currently testing this … just downloaded the 1.0.0 LiveCD from SteamedFish. I’d like to make an 11.2 version — is that in the works? Is there a .iso for 11.2 I can grab somewhere?

  14. yes it’s on my plans, and no, you cannot download it yet

  15. Chris

    Can you post a guide. I want to make my own edition. Thanks

  16. JoĂŁo Ramos

    Hello there!!!
    Great great job.
    Could you provide the basic steps to create the LXDE live CD?
    My main doubt is how can I replace Icewm with LXDE and make it run automatically as my default WM.

    I really need this for my thesis.

    Thank you very much!


  17. Pier22

    scusate, quali sono i requisiti minimi di sistema per poterlo installare?
    girerebbe decentemente con un pc con queste caratteristiche?
    RAM 198MB
    HD 4.5GB
    CPU Intel Pentium II 400MHz

    Excuse me, what are the minimum system requirements for installing it?
    would run decently on a PC with these features?
    198MB RAM
    4.5GB HD
    CPU Intel Pentium II 400MHz
    excuse the bad English, I used Google translate

  18. FameWolf

    Now that opensuse 11.2 is released will you be updating your livecd to support the newer version?