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LXDE, working on “branding-openSUSE”!

July 17th, 2009 by

People that use my HOME project p,robably noticed lots of packages upgrades this days, they are most of all code fixing (to fix gcc post build checks) but some of them are also packages improvments, right now infact, lxde-settings-daemon result to be obsoletes and will be dropped soon from the repo.But excluding this “developers only” topics, you may be interested to know that i’m orking on “branding packages“. the first branding packages will be released today (or next week when i’ll be back from greece XD). The most important branding picture i need to create il the logout one:

As you can see, even if it’s wonderful, it like a punch in our eyes, we need a GREEN, suse based image. Please help me, i’m not so good with images. you can download the original logo from LXDE svn here. Any way, the image MUST be a 325×125 png file.

Feel free to post here progresses you made!


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9 Responses to “LXDE, working on “branding-openSUSE”!”

  1. Hi Andrea! Haven’t you noticed that the original logout banner is actually cropped 352×125 region from the blue wallpaper? 🙂 I prepared the green logout banner by cutting the rectangle from the green wallpaper you seem to be using. You can download it here: http://gk2.sk/_tmp/logout-banner-green.png

    But if someone is willing to create the unique openSUSE LXDE wallpaper and logout banner, it would be even more great!

  2. Yes you are right, i notice that one hour ago 😛 the cutted image is already in obs, and obs build is running on my pc right now 😉

    This is IMHO just a workaround any way, i really believe that we need a more custom branding, so if any of you wants to help us, well you are welcome.


    p.s. if you some minutes, can you check X11:lxde failure and try to fix them? (all gcc post build checks)

  3. ElCheVive

    Hi Andrea,

    You should post a calling at opensuse-artwork and opensuse-marketing mailling list.



  4. FameWolf

    Any chance of a susestudio based image with x11 + lxde?

  5. Anubisg1

    if i find a good solution for a Login Manager, yes i’ll create it. actually i don’t like slim and use “startx” is not an option for me

  6. hi Andrea,

    i use lxde a lot. in fact, i setup few guides for lxde minimal install on few distros here:

    and i also build lxde livecd using suse studio.
    i choose a blue theme for my livecd, so that logo suites my theme.

    imho, the major problem i have working with lxde is that the shutdown/reboot/etc need gdm to work correctly.
    and gdm is very big and does not suite the idea of lightning fast lxde.
    it’s like a horse dragging an elephant…

    if i may suggest.
    first thing to do is make shutdown/reboot/etc works without gdm.
    use xdm/slim or even qingy. anything but gdm/kdm or other elephants…

    currently, i’m using mingetty autologin combine with .bashrc to automatically startx.


  7. Anubisg1

    Hi Denny.

    i’m testing your last build, you did a great job, i found a couple of issues i think easy to fix.

    any way, will be my pleasure to have you in our LXDE team, what do you think about it?

    i’m still not able to have slim autologin working, but the package i’m working on, provides an init 5 starting script plus an “openSUSE” theme.

    let me know if are interested to join your forces to us (your live cd with some improvments may become the official LXDE openSUSE based live cd) 😉