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osc09: Lightning Talks

September 23rd, 2009 by

Sunday morning of the openSUSE conference I took part in the Lightning Talks which were short talks on a variety of topics.  I’ve took some brief notes of these:

Myself: The unconference session on common desktop topics for GNOME and KDE discussed a better communication and coordination about future disruptive changes, suggested to remove noise from the mailing lists, e.g. test discussions from opensuse-factory, discussed how “osc collab” can be used by others (Vincent volunteered to enhance it so that more people can use it, just tell him), discussed some issues with the Build Service so that Adrian setup an extra session on it, talked that we miss a predictable behavior of applications on desktops and need volunteers especially with bug triage.

Pascal Bleser: Speaking with people individually was helpful.  There were two session on governance and those were productive.  It was   discussed to have escalation paths for cases of conflicts – with a last resort of having the board to facilitate and make decisions.

Bryen Yunashko learned that timezones are bad, he’s still catching up.  He took part in an accessibility session and thinks that we do not give a11y enough attention.  We need to test and make sure that the distribution is accessible.

Stephen Shaw explains that test frame works benefit from a11y and can automate testing that is currently done manually.  He found it great to work together during the conference with others, especially at the bug party and hope that we can keep up the fire.

Andrew Wafaa was glad to see GNOME and KDE guys interacting a lot – and therefore having an integrated community and not a split one.  He finds it great that the RPM summit will help to have less differences between spec files.  He thanks all the nice and pleasant guy that were here.

Stefan Werden came to the conference announcing that he will now produce the openSUSE box product.  He will also give back from his income to the community, as first step he hired Rupert Horstkötter to help.  He was glad to receive feedback on doing the box – and how to  support the openSUSE community and users.

Will Stephenson encourages doing the right things – not only stretch our own itches but do something that makes a difference to the rest of the world – both the Linux community and the not-yet Linux community.
Let’s have a wider view and work together!

Federico Mena-Quintero and Aaron Bockover spoke about bacon: They showed great and funny slides on bacon – healty bacon, chicken wrapped beacon, bacon lock (Federico explained the recipe).  Note: they worked during the conference on Bacon – a UI for Banshee that’s used in Moblin.

Lubos Lunak reminds us that we have many great things that others don’t have like the openSUSE Build Service.  Do we – and others know about this?  We should communicate better how great openSUSE is, e.g. that we have binary packages for many distributions at the day of a new release?

Federico Mena-Quintero spoke about hacking together a house using whiteboard: Having windows on two sides of a room, having the bedroom on the east side (to wake up by sunlight in the morning), having  courtyards on the south, having a privacy gradient, balconies need to be 2m wide for table and chairs.  He ended with speaking about  positive space and how The Gimp and Inkscape work.
Federico was the only one that needed two slots of five minutes for his lightning talk – but it was a really fun lightning talk.

Michael Löffler – who moderated the session – said  that we had 300 registrations and more than 200 people attending.  He found the many small meetings and hacking sessions very productive.  The atmosphere was great and productive!

He asked for feedback about the conference:

  • Michael Meeks suggests to have it again close to where many developers are (like this time).
  • Missing wireless: With internet connection with only 2 MBit, we did not plug in the wireless and setup only wired network in a small area.  Idea to have internet not in the presentation rooms for the future.
  • Unconference was great since it allowed to create sessions as needed.
  • Future conferences once every year – or once for each openSUSE release.
  • Add company or project to badges to see other people’s background.
  • Have two days at the end to have some sprints on the distribution.
  • Installparty for casual users so that developers have direct contact to users.

Klaas volunteered to setup a small survey on the conference.

More photos are part of my osc09 flickr set.

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3 Responses to “osc09: Lightning Talks”

  1. yeah, I missed the lightning talks sounds like a lot of fun. Think we should make an mindmap for ideas in the wiki (or maybe with a better tool for this) for the next conference.

  2. Andreas Schneider


    what I missed in every room was someone who introduces the next speaker. This helps that people get quite and someone closes the door. This person should also show the speaker how many time is left. He should also stop the talk if a speaker couldn’t stop and introduce breaks.

  3. Andreas is right. A moderator will be of great help in the future. It’s of help to the speaker and to the audience to focus.