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openSUSE-LXDE : improvments to PCManFM

September 30th, 2009 by


That picture talks… your quest is to find the news!!!

BTW on the screen you can see the work in progress openSUSE-LXDE for openSUSE-Factory (the next 11.2).  Notice how LXDE use only 108MB RAM and 5% CPU with:

* Firefox 3.5.3

* OpenOffice.org (writer) 3.1.1

* Pidgin

* LXTask

that’s amazing isn’t it?  (Don’t focus on red  lines… The background is nice but THIS IS NOT the new, check the ICONS)

Thanks to Miguel Albalat Aquila for the patch

Thanks to me for changing on the patch to allow it to work with trash support patch

Andrea 😉

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12 Responses to “openSUSE-LXDE : improvments to PCManFM”

  1. and with the most used desktop by opensuse user (kde) what do you get?

    • Luboš Luňák

      There is no good reason why OpenOffice or Firefox should be significantly different in KDE than in LXDE. I mean, they are still the same applications, aren’t they?

      Numbers about memory usage mean nothing if you do not know what they really are and how to interpret them. You can figure out things yourself if you want to know: http://ktown.kde.org/~seli/memory/

  2. Rudi Pittman

    “and with the most used desktop by opensuse user (kde) what do you get?”

    You get to go look somewhere else since this blog entry is about/for the lxde desktop which several of us are very interested in. I mean come on…thats like going to a soccer game and asking “yeah but what about those of use who prefer baseball?”

  3. No and i don’t care now about peolple using ONE of TWO most used DE on openSUSE (gnome is more used 😉 IMHO)

    That blog entry is about LXDE, a NEW desktop enviroment that want to be as lightweight as possible, you cannor use GNOME nor KDE on a pc with less than 256MB ram, with LXDE you can.

    For Everybody else, the news is that you CAN finally MOVE your Desktop Icons every where you want on the desktop!

    Have fun with LXDE

  4. Leszek

    Where to get the patch for the desktop icons ?

  5. Ikem

    Can I download it somehow? :>

  6. goekhan

    yes, where can i download it?
    and when i install the previous version (openSUSE-LXDE Live CD 1.0.0) will i get all the updates to 11.2?

  7. i will release 11.2 live cd soon.
    any way all LXDE packages are already available for 11.2, just use the same repo always.


  8. goekhan

    can´t wait. any updates?