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update from the openSUSE Boosters

October 21st, 2009 by

While openSUSE 11.2 gets closer and closer, all of the Boosters are mostly busy making sure RC1 and the final release are good.  But we’re finding some time to work on our Boosting projects.  On the umbrella site for all opensuse.org sites front, a design and user profiles are being developed .  The factory.opensuse.org status site concept is being developed in collaboration with the Maintenance team, so that it will be used for seeing the state of maintenance work (ie online updates) for released openSUSE versions.  We’re analysing the Build Service web client code for how to hook in there, and several team members are brushing up their Ruby skills.  The reorganize contributor documentation squad are discussing a new structure on the opensuse-wiki mailing list.

If you have any feedback on these ideas you can find us on the opensuse-project mailing list or on -wiki as above.  If you want to help out, we’ll be using opensuse-boosters@opensuse.org in future.


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