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A distro without packages?

October 30th, 2009 by

Yesterday i noticed that openal-soft on 11.2 is broken, it just locks up with current pulseaudio. It’s not surprising noone noticed as there are no packages in Factory that use it anymore. Even Chromium BSU which roughly has a 0% chance that it will ever need maintenance, security or otherwise was dropped from Factory and moved to the build service games dumpsi^Wrepo. Please, put your packages back to Factory. Chances that people find and use the software are much bigger if the distro has it rather than some random build service repo. Yes, there are some rules you have to follow then but that’s also a sign of quality for our users. Yes, it won’t be the latest and greatest version always but that doesn’t matter for most packages. So please put your packages back to Factory [unless they are full of security bugs ;-)], a distro without packages is not useful.

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3 Responses to “A distro without packages?”

  1. I think that might explain my testing success (un-success!) of alien arena on 11.2. I was actually trying to haunt down a crash that was reported (and I could reproduce). As soon as I could fix the crash (alien arena dlopens() the .so file and badly segfaults if that does not work), it just hangs after ‘initializing sound’… might very well be linked. (That would actually be bnc#544227)

  2. RedDwarf

    I saw the problem recently in the PulseAudio ML: https://tango.0pointer.de/pipermail/pulseaudio-discuss/2009-October/005251.html but somehow I forgot (since there is still no KDE mixer for PulseAudio I lost interest…)

    Note that openal-soft upstream doesn’t uses PA, so they aren’t going to fix it. The message was never answered in the PulseAudio ML, so don’t count too much in this side neither. If it’s going to be fixed Debian is the best we got.

  3. Martin

    I really like Chromium B.S.U. to be packaged for Opensuse 11.2 as well.