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Archive for January 29th, 2010

OpenOffice_org 3.2 rc4 available for openSUSE

January 29th, 2010 by

I’m happy to announce OpenOffice.org 3.2 rc4 packages for openSUSE. They are available in the Build Service OpenOffice:org:UNSTABLE project and include many upstream and Go-oo fixes. See also overview of integrated features and enhancements. Please, look for more details about the openSUSE OOo build on the wiki page.

The packages are release candidates. Though, they have not passed the full QA test and might still include even serious bugs. Therefore they are not intended for data-critical usage. A good practice is to archive any important data before an use, …

As usual, we kindly ask any interested beta testers to try the package and report bugs. See also the list of known bugs.

Other information and plans:

I am sorry for the huge delay. We spent a lot of time with debugging some java related problems. Upstream released rc4 in the meantime, so I decided to skip the rc3 packages for  openSUSE.

This is evidently one of the more problematic releases.  I wish I said that rc4 was the final release but we still do not know. Upstream thinks about to release rc5 because of the following bugs:

  • Crash of presentation mode at the start of animation (i#108748)
  • Problem to finish en-US-only build (i#107957)
  • Create style via API is broken (i#108426)

Though, the first bug happens only with Cairo canvas disabled and it is enabled in our build by default. The other issues are already fixed in the openSUSE rc4 build. So, these are not real blockers for us but…

Tip: transparent editing of gpg encrypted files with vim

January 29th, 2010 by

If you are vim user and also use gpg to encrypt stuff, you might appreciate that you can teach vim to transparently open gpg encrypted files with vim gnupg plugin. Just install vim-plugin-gnupg from Contrib repository:

# zypper install vim-plugin-gnupg

Also, you should add following two lines to your .bashrc to make the plugin work properly:
export GPG_TTY

Then, if you tell vim to open gpg encrypted file, it will ask for passphrase, transparently decrypts it and after you make changes, it will encrypt the file again.