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Kraft 0.40 Beta 2 available

March 17th, 2010 by

Last night the Kraft team was releasing the second beta for Kraft 0.40. A second beta is needed because meanwhile KDE 4.4 was released which comes with the Akonadi based addressbook. That is a big change compared to the old addressbook with a large impact on Kraft. Parts of Krafts addressbook integration had to be rewritten. The Akonadi addressbook interface in the KDE Pimlibs feels like not really being complete yet. With large address books for example, this version of Kraft might show performance gaps.

While being over that, the Kraft setup assistant got another change compared to beta 1. It now additionally asks the user to mark his own address which is stored and used in the document generation. That helps to ease the configuration even more for new users.

I would really appreciate some testing of the beta version if you are interested in this kind of software. Please report bugs back to the Kraft user mailinglist.

A source package can be downloaded from the Sourceforge project page. Binary packages for recent openSUSE distros with upgraded KDE to version 4.4 are available from the Kraft Beta repository from the Buildservice. I can not provide (K)Ubuntu packages this time unfortunately because there are no KDE 4.4 packages for (K)Ubuntu in the Buildservice yet.

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