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KDE Finance Apps Group Spring Sprint

April 24th, 2010 by

Yesterday started the first ever sprint of the KDE Finance Apps Group. We meet for three days and where could that better happen than in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, which is one of the larger places on the world where financial industry resides. As a matter of fact, the place where we meet is in the direct neighborhood of a quite impressive buildings of Deutsche Bank and german stock exchange ­čśë

The KDE Finance Apps Group is a group of people who have two commons: First, all of us are working on a KDE application and second the application has something to do with money. Like KMyMoney, which is a personal finance manager and Skrooge, a comparable new star on the KDE finance management sky, Assuma, a membership management software for associations and LemonPOS, a free point of sales system.

Quickly the idea came up to do a sprint to get each other to know and discuss the first concrete steps for the group. Thanks to KDE e.V. and Thomas Baumgart and his company SyroCon hosting us perfectly, that takes place now ­čÖé

Yesterday we had a great warm up with introductions, get to know each other and an impressive Skrooge introduction, and today we will start dive into more technical details. Great ­čÖé

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