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First round of pictures from the FLISOL Venezuela

April 26th, 2010 by

El Gecko Todopoderoso!The experience of this year with openSUSE FLISOL this was very rewarding … Attendees were very interested in our distribution and of course “freed” a lot of machines with only openSUSE Installed.

A lot of happy faces after they see YaST and how easy somethings are.

Of course, the main character was our beloved “Gecko”, who captivated eyes, picking fights, tears and others because they all wanted a bit of it! xD

The real star openSUSE Fever?

My premise was simple, free your machine and win a gecko or a DVD, or a t-shirt. Finally, I got one of my goals,  give a push to GoSVe and open people’s eyes to more options, as is openSUSE.

Demostration After the demostration

Some gallerys from the event:






More photos to come 😉

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One Response to “First round of pictures from the FLISOL Venezuela”

  1. Nice man !!!!! It seems that it was a great event !!!
    This year at Nicaragua had some troubles, but it was a good free day !
    The green was the color of the moment !!!! =D