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A new aeon, a new team of ambassadors!

December 6th, 2010 by

For a long time that I actively search the Portuguese Ambassadors… unfortunately I was unable to find them. I’ve learned once with someone which is very dear to me a single line that ended up by translating one great universal truth: “Stopping is dying”.

This afternoon, I’ve traveled northeast to the beautiful city of Oliveira de Azemeis, where I’ve met one of the unknown faces of the Portuguese openSUSE Community, João Matias. We’ve had a small chat about several topics… amongst them:

* OBS – openSUSE Build Service – howto, examples and how useful it can be for students projects!
* University Campus – Event creaton… how openSUSE can represent itself on 3rd parties events inside of the campus;
* Concerns about the growth of the Portuguese Community;
* Ambassadors or Campus Activists?
* The new ‘Portuguese’ Forum at forums.opensuse.org (Special Thanks to Jim Henderson and the Forums Team for their outstanding guidance during the submission process);
* Christmas Dinner @ 11th December and hot-topics.

We look forward to a smiling future full of work and hopefully with a stronger openSUSE presence in the Portuguese University Campus.

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