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osc 0.130

December 6th, 2010 by


we just released a new osc version: 0.130.

The main changes/features are:

  • – new “revert” command to restore the original working copy file (without
    downloading it)
  • – rewrote “diff” logic
  • – added new “–http-full-debug” option, “–http-debug” filters the “Authentication” and “Set-Cookie” header
  • – added new “–disabled-cpio-bulk-download” option: disable downloading packages as cpio archive from api
  • – added new “repairwc” command which tries to repair an inconsistent working copy
  • – workaround for broken urllib2 in python 2.6.5: wrong credentials lead to an infinite recursion
  • – support –interactive-review option when running “osc rq list <project>”
  • – improved “osc rq show <id> –interactive-review”
  • – do_config: added new options –stdin, –prompt, –no-echo:
    –stdin: read value from stdin
    –prompt: prompt for a value
    –no-echo: prompt for a value but don’t echo entered characters (for instance to enter a passwd)
  • – added template support for a submitrequest accept/decline message
  • – lots of internal rewrites (new working copy handling etc.)
  • – support added for osc search ‘perl(Foo::Bar)’
  • – New “service” command to run source services locally or trigger a re-run on the server.
  • – setlinkrev is setting now the revision to xsrcmd5 by default to avoid later breakage on indirect links by default.
  • Features which requires OBS 2.1:
    support reliable diff for an accepted request

Due to the rewrite of the working copy handling osc might fail with the following error:
Your working copy ‘.’ is in an inconsistent state.
Please run ‘osc repairwc .’ (Note this might _remove_
files from the .osc/ dir). Please check the state
of the working copy afterwards (via ‘osc status .’)

Simply run “osc repairwc” which might fetch files from the api or delete some files from the storedir (.osc/). It won’t touch locally modified files. For more information see section “WORKING COPY INCONSISTENT” in the README.

The new packages should be available soon in the openSUSE:Tools repo.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to osc!

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  1. oskude


    and i thought this was something new in the Open Sound Control namespace 😉