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December 9th, 2010 by

I’ve manage to hammer in 2 more indicators.

Indicator-session provides a quick and easy method to manage your GNOME session. The options are pretty intuitive and it works ok so far. A simple screenshot.

Then we have also indicator-network which was a bit more problematic to build and required a couple of very ugly quick fixes. Though I’ve built a package for it and it’s dependencies (including The Connection Manager). My concerns about it:

* It’s a piece of software under heavy development;
* The user configuration interface is very fuzzy and provides cool clear text passwords for LAN;
* nm-applet is far superior;
* Requires ‘connection manager’ – Connection Manager is a pretty cool application, and it’s compat mode with Network Manager makes it’s integration pretty easy… Though ‘connection manager’ seemed to be an outstanding piece of software, I’m not going through all the trouble to package and integrate it in openSUSE (integration should be pretty fast, just a init script, since it allows compat mode with Network Manager).

I personally don’t like this network indicator… Though I’ve packaged it,  I’ve decided not to share it because of 4 points above. I really don’t see anything positive about having it for openSUSE users, it would most likely turn their GNOME experience into something a bit fuzzy.

Either way… that’s how it looks…

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2 Responses to “indicator-{session,network}”

  1. jorge

    If you prefer network manager then the new nm-applet port to app indicators might be more useful to you:


    (Not quite finished and not ready to be upstreamed yet but it mostly works)

    • Anonymous

      I like NetworkManager and I’ve followed the project for some time when I was doing an interview to Dan Williams for Fedora 13 Feature profiles.

      I saw in first hand the awesome development pace, and honestly I found very interesting how people tagged along for improving it. So in a way, that just reinforced my convictions about NetworkManager.

      That’s something to take a look into, thanks for the tip.