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Outcome of the Christmas dinner…

December 12th, 2010 by

Yesterday we’ve finally met to discuss what we can do together to solidify the Portuguese Community locally. The dinner took place at the selected place a bit later than the established hour.

What we’ve decided:

* ENOS: the ‘Encontro Nacional openSUSE’ (openSUSE Community National Encounter) event is going to remain in our workflow. We’ve decided to fully support a proposal for this years ENOS edition, this time in Lisbon Metropolitan area.

* openSUSE IBERIA: Unanimous convergence to move forward the ‘openSUSE IBERIA’ initiative and make it a priority in our work flow. We also discussed a proposal for a bi-yearly event to be hold in the Iberian Peninsula (taking place in Portugal or Spain, but addressed to everyone). We have also established that this events are to be hold in Universities Campus.

* Battlefield: For us, in Portugal there is only one battlefield, Universities Campus. This is where we are going to be place all efforts.

* openSUSE Event: A generic event was also discussed to take place in Universidade Fernando Pessoa (Porto), to be organized by João Martins (which is applying for Portuguese Ambassador alongside with me within the next weeks). We hope to involve more Universities and local corporate tissue on this event to take place in 2011 on an unknown date (May/June).

* Portuguese Forums (forums.opensuse.org): Two moderators appointed to join the Forums team with whom they will represent our community segment and develop efforts for a sustained growth of the Portuguese Community. We’ve also discussed possible interfaces with the Brazilian and Spanish Communities and how we can benefit from their expertise and aquired know-how on past experiences.

* Ambassadors: Myself and João Martins are submitting a proposal for Ambassadors in Portugal soon. Before we do such, I’m expecting to contact Javier Llorente and the representatives of the Spanish openSUSE Community to discuss some joint action ventures and establish a more formal protocol of cooperation extending the traditional Ambassador workflow.

* Communication: We’ve known the obvious for a long time… we have no communication channels in Portugal. We have no peer points with the national LUG’s, we have pretty much nothing besides a strong will and commitment to make things happen. Our biggest goal is to support directly the existing LUG’s and represent ourselves and create at least a community interface that allows us to deploy communication with other communities in Portugal and promote ourselves. Since there is nothing, we’ll need to take the lead and set the first stone.

All of this and some more was discussed during our Christmas Dinner, while being served the best Calzone Pizza in Portugal, accompanied by the traditional Super Bock beer in a cozy and warm Christmas environment.

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