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More ‘Unity’ news…

December 23rd, 2010 by

I’ve finished with the base packages required for Unity, in fact Unity already builds, though I’ve not really tested it yet as some components still need to take care… so far what’s done:

* dee – is now properly packaged and ready for submission (no patching required);
* bamf – is now properly packaged and ready for submission (includes a patch modified by Adam Williamson based on a Debian patch);
* nux – builds and in a way it’s ready, though I want to split this package in the nearby future.
* unity – builds for the time being… though it requires proper integration on the system. This build also builds with support for Indicators, since the dependencies are already prepared. Will take now a bit of time due to integration. I will offer this package installed on /opt/unity and not on usual system path.

While fighting for dependencies there emerged a small problem with ‘glewmx’, which builds from the same sources of ‘glew’. I’m currently working on this package as a priority to fix it and submit it to ‘multimedia:libs’ which also hosts ‘glew’. This package has also a small patch by Adam Williamson which was already submitted upstream that allows the proper build of ‘libGLEWmx.so*’ and glewmx.pc. Currently I’ve built this package only offering the libs. I’ve removed the binaries (and made a dependency on ‘glew’ for the binaries) and I’ve also removed the headers from the includes which will be shared with ‘glew’ and made a proper dependency. I’ve consulted Dimstar regarding this operation which promptly offered some quick guidance on the process and showed a couple of useful examples on how to this ‘the openSUSE way’.

I hope that before the new year there’s a test package of Unity for Factory users. I would also take this opportunity to thank everyone which has helped me so far on this ‘one man inglorious rush’ towards bringing Unity to openSUSE as an option for those who want to check it out:

My sincere thanks to the following:

* Vincent Untz (openSUSE/Novell);
* Ken Vandine (Canonical);
* Cristopher Roges (Ubuntu);
* Adam Williamson (Fedora/Red Hat);
* openSUSE GNOME team;
* The openSUSE community, specially those which have supported this effort since day #1.
* Arch Linux contributors (which were working on this and from which I got some guidance from their ‘forums’);

Nelson Marques.

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