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Easy use of WebYaST for OpenSuSE 11.3

December 21st, 2010 by

Have you ever tried WebYaST ? No ? Then it is time for. 🙂

We have noticed that WebYaST is not really known in the OpenSuSE community. One reason for is that WebYaST is not really user friendly regarding the installation.

So we have investigate here some effort. Lets  see….


The simplest way is the one-click installation which is already installed on your OpenSuSE 11.3.

Just use a web browser (like firefox) with the url:


The browser will ask you to start the installation via the one-click installation. Start the installation and go through the installation workflow.

Starting and managing WebYaST

WebYaST is a web application which runs on two http servers on your system. For starting and managing these servers Thomas Goettlicher has written a nice Qt-applet which can be started e.g. in KDE:

After starting the WebYaST applet the WebYaST icon appears on the right edge of the frame :

WebYaST is disabled

WebYaST enabled

With the right mouse click you can manage WebYaST:

With this applet you can start WebYaST in your browser too. After accepting the GPG-key please login with your “root” account.

And that’s WebYaST:

That’s all.

(Yes, I know that sentence is written almost in every post here. Even in posts where problems just starting after the sentence has been read. :-))

But I think that should be really all. If not, please use bugzilla and blame us !

Have fun !

(Yes, I know that’s the second sentence which should be in every blog :-))

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8 Responses to “Easy use of WebYaST for OpenSuSE 11.3”

  1. Werner Flamme

    Why does the install of WebYaST install programs such as syslog-ng and samba-winbind as a dependency? openSUSE 11.3 uses rsyslog, and who needs samba-winbind?
    The KDE menu does not offer any webyast app to me, only webyast.ymp from the recently used documents. Do I have to install the applet manually? From where?

    • Stefan Schubert

      – syslog-ng will be installed cause WebYaST is mainly based on SLES. But you are right, we
      can also use rsyslog while building the packages for OpenSuSE. Could you please make a
      bug report ? Thanks !
      – samba-winbind will be used by the ActiveDirectory module. Is this an error ?
      – The applet RPM is qwebyast which is stored in http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/YaST:/Web/openSUSE_11.3/ It should be installed automatically by the one click installation.

      Thanks for feedback !!!

  2. Mykhaylo

    # rcyastws start
    Starting yastws startproc: signal catched /usr/sbin/nginx: Segmentation fault

    • jreidinger

      Hmm, nginx segfault. Could you please install debug package for nginx and open bug report with core dump?

  3. Hi, thanks for this writeup! I’ve always liked the idea of a web-based config tool. How does the functionality of WebYaST compare to the regular X11 YaST? What modules are present?

    Thanks a lot!

  4. zczc2311

    Can we have a link to documentation re WebYaST and can that info contain both the install of WebYaST to control a Network of PC’s that are behind the router as well as webYaST from outside the Router or in other words from any other browser in the world type stuff – Thank you
    The ability to control all Networked PC’s is unreal and I hopw you have through about the Network of PC’s that have NAT’d IP’s