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Back in Italy, back to work

January 3rd, 2011 by

Well, it’s just a small announce… I was in Yemen for some time, around 16 days, for work. I wasn’t able to answer emails and work for openSUSE, and I’m really sorry for that. But I just went back Yesterday and tomorrow I’ll start to work again.

My first goal is to package XBMC that recently released a new version.. so… STAY TUNED!

Have a lot of fun, Andrea

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3 Responses to “Back in Italy, back to work”

  1. Sagi

    Hi Andrea,

    I started an XBMC project at openSUSE build service.
    I still have some issues to solve, but I will be happy if we can collaborate.

  2. Andrea

    Hi Sagi,

    i would love to.
    I hope you stripped some stuff from the tarball, or you’ll not be allowed to package xbmc in OBS because of patents. codecs, and other stuff is included into the source tarball.

    xbmc is quite a tought package to build!

    not a problem to cooperate ­čÖé but i think packman is a better place to do that!

    p.s. you can contact me at my @opensuse.org email


  3. jospoortvliet

    xbmc??? Gooooo!!! THe current version is nice, but far from perfect so I look forward to seeing what such a long time of development has brought ­čśÇ