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Wallpaper Community Pack #1

January 13th, 2011 by

I’ve received some emails and some positive feedback about one wallpaper I used for a couple of screenshot’s I’ve used in the past, including also information requests about where that very same wallpaper could be found. I’m happy people liked my choice.

The wallpaper is question is the following, which can be found at gnome-look [dot] org:

Green Snake HD - by Kmurat @ gnome-art.org

It is clear to me at this stage that Artwork has good demand and it’s a ‘value +’ recognized by many users. Understanding this, I’ve decided two things:

* GNOME:Ayatana will have a small Artwork Package by the Community, I’m currently contacting Kmurat to check if he can change the licence on this artwork piece (with over 20.000 downloads on gnome-art) so I can use it for distribution. Currently it’s licensed as CC BY-NC-ND, in which the NC can be probably a problem. Let’s wait a couple of days and see… Either way for those who asked for the source of this wallpaper, click on the image above.

* I will create a small package with wallpapers from the community and make it available (for GNOME, KDE, etc) users.

My intentions are to include a set of wallpapers (4/3, 16/9 and 16/10) of around 5/7 wallpapers from several artists and community contributors. The first person I’ve contacted regarding this was Javier Llorente, a openSUSE Artwork Team and KDE contributor, which donated and pointed some artwork. I’ve also sent a small email to María ‘Tatica’ Leandro, a contributor of Fedora Design Team from South America asking if she had something that she could share with us for this community package (I did loved some of her submissions into Fedora Art). Additionally, I’m also going to nag Sirko Kemter (gnokii) for a contribution…

Once this is assembled (already have 5 wallpapers) I’m going to package it, run a sanity check and prepare it for distribution…

UPDATE: María ‘Tatica’ Leandro has answered positive to my email requesting for a donation, Sirko Kemter also answered positive.

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One Response to “Wallpaper Community Pack #1”

  1. AlbertoP

    Great idea! 🙂

    Sure that snake won’t scare Geeko? 😉