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Join us for the first virtual launch party openSUSE 11.4

February 3rd, 2011 by

Annoncing the first virtual launch party

Dear folk, we are organizing a special event for the openSUSE 11.4 launch, and you’re invited. Virtually all of you can participate, and increase the success of it. And spend a good time.

Too soon? Not really, we are in the process to organize also pre-release party, certainly for the RC1 and RC2 launch. So you can practice before the real event. Prepare your environment, and dress your avatars with decent clothes, and gadgets.

We will do our best to welcome you in english, french & greek.
If you want you can also anwser our short pool we are looking about help.


Geekos place bar in SL

On secondlife.com, go to area macedonia. at 183,213,21 coordinates
Or fire the search engine, and look after Geekos group, then join that group


During 3 days March 9 10 & 11 2011
Party start at 16:00 UTC ( 8am SL time)


Join our special place build for that event and let’s get

  • Dance party
  • Free drink
  • Goodies
  • Wall of pictures
  • 11.4 installations movies
  • open minded discussions
  • Experience exchange


tigerfoot on secondlife
Morgane Marquis on secondlife

Your guests would be myself (tigerfoot) & Morgane Marquis.
A team of excellent dj’s as Lillith from Australia, Esquievel from USA, Stefanos from France,
or our great Greeks neighbors



Hey not so long ago I was kicked by H!
Because it’s a place where people have also fun, and we want to talk with them about the freedom & openSUSE.
Did you never attempt to realize something that has not been made yet?
Just to have a lot of fun! The full explanation Here


To access that 3D virtual world, you need a recent computer 1.5Ghz or +, and good internet access >3500/300bps, and a 3D enabled graphics cards like radeon HD4xxx or more, Nvidia Geforce >9600, Intel > i945 & Intel Extreme.

To be continued

In the next weeks, I will publish an more technical article about how to get 3D world viewer installed on your openSUSE. And we are just finishing the picture gallery about that project which should be online next week (due to FOSDEM) this week-end.

Stay tuned !

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5 Responses to “Join us for the first virtual launch party openSUSE 11.4”

  1. etamPL

    Yay! 🙂

  2. Great. Many greetings from germany.

  3. Today at 19:30 UTC there’s a RC1 party 🙂
    We are testing the place and the goodies.

  4. Nice idea , Greatings from Bangkok

  5. Yeah,

    It’s getting better all the time.

    Wonderfull initiative.

    6 days left.

    Congratulations Bruno