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Notify-OSD in openSUSE 11.4

February 5th, 2011 by

My first contribution to openSUSE was Notify OSD, which is also a part of the Ayatana Project. On openSUSE version of Notify OSD, I’ve included a small patch made by Roman Sukochev which isn’t was upstreamed but declined on Ubuntu. This patch enabled skinning/theming of the Notification Bubble. Before submitting this package to GNOME:Apps, I’ve talked with Roman which confirmed that he would maintain the patch for upcoming versions of Notify OSD.

This patch handles the skinning of Notify OSD through a text file (~/.notify-osd). I’ve made available an application to configure Notify OSD. This application is known as notifyconf and is available currently on openSUSE:Contrib repositories.

The interface of notifyconf is very user friendly and intuitive. This two packages enable extra functionality not present currently in Ubuntu out of the box. I believe it is important to offer more possibilities to our users.

Installing Notify OSD is done through zypper for example “zypper install notify-osd”. For notifyconf the user is required to install the Contrib repository and install the package ‘notifyconf’ (depends on QT).


Notify OSD replaces the package ‘notification-daemon’ and can be used either in KDE or in GNOME (same for notifyconf). This is optional software for those who want a different desktop experience. I’m thankful to Vincent Untz, Dominique and Peter Linell for allowing this two applications to be a part of the openSUSE Desktop. Also a word of thanks to the Ayatana Project Team for making this software available.

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One Response to “Notify-OSD in openSUSE 11.4”

  1. Markus S.

    Using it under a KDE Plasma Workspace makes no sense. ‘Colibri’ does the same without requiring non-KDE dependencies.