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GNOME:Ayatana project page in English and Portuguese…

February 20th, 2011 by

Dear all,

While I’ve worked on the GNOME:Ayatana project page in English, Raul, a dedicated contributor from Brazil has provided the Portuguese version of this page. I would like to express my gratitude to Raul for a well done job, and I’m happy that someone from Brazil stepped up for this task, as I assume that this project will have far more visibility in Brazil than in Portugal itself.

If anyone wants to translate the page and keep it update for any other languages, that would be awesome! Please let me know, so that I can add your name into the contributors for this Project, or eventually you can do it yourself, this is a community project, so, you don’t actually need my permission to improve contents, I encourage such behavior!

Thanks Raul.

GNOME:Ayatana on openSUSE [English]
GNOME:Ayatana on openSUSE [Portuguese]

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