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Default Wallpaper for GNOME:Ayatana

February 21st, 2011 by

Not that I know a lot about Artwork or Wallpapers… For those, I am mainly a ‘customer’ most of the times, and things get easy for… either I like it, or I don’t. There’s a lot of stuff available out there, and initially I loved the snake (I still do), but since I couldn’t distribute it due to licensing, I’ve spent a couple of hours looking for Artwork with a compatible license and contacted a few artists about licensing and the possibility of using/distributing their work.

To distribute for GNOME:Ayatana on the 11.4 cycle, I’m going to use ‘Spaceman Goldrush Edition’ from ‘mydarktime’, a German artist. I’m happy that mydarktime has been so kind in allowing openSUSE to distribute this package under CC-BY-SA. I will also take the opportunity to quote him:

“(…)  I would be very pleased to see mine in it” (wallpaper pack on GNOME:Ayatana).

I find this wallpaper very attractive and it doesn’t really tire me up from looking at it, which is really, really nice! I hope everyone else likes it also!

Spaceman Goldrush Edition @ Deviant ART

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3 Responses to “Default Wallpaper for GNOME:Ayatana”

  1. +1!

  2. great one, much better then the default striped wallpaper.

    • Nelson Marques

      People’s choices are different, I wouldn’t say it’s ‘better’ or ‘worst’, it’s mainly different. Some like darker tones, other lighter tones… To be honest, I have to say that I love stripes on the console background, it’s just awesome, and the openSUSE branding on the right side, makes no doubts on what you’re using.

      Maybe someone from Artwork can invite the creator of this wallpaper or any others known to help with the next release artwork 🙂