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Gnome3 launch party @ Zürich report

April 10th, 2011 by

Gnome3 launch party in Zürich, April 8th 2011

ETHZ building

A group of 20 people met in ETHZ F26.3 room Friday afternoon (3pm to 7pm). To assist the Gnome 3 Launch party. We were expecting more people, but a so sunny weather, and a Monday off in Zürich doesn’t help to keep people inside after a long winter. 🙂

Marcus Moeller showed us a deep overview of the whole Gnome 3 desktop, with the strength and weakness (non yet finished features or controversial ones).

Then there’s some talks about features, what will happen unity/ubuntu/gnome etc …

On my side I did a late presentation about what’s openSUSE project is, and its associated SUPER COOL tools like OBS and susestudio.
It was supposed to last 15 minutes long. I was asked only Tuesday night to do it! But in fact we spend more than half an hour demoing obs and susestudio. Really was cool to do.

openSUSE project presentation

A special thanks to Biju Gopi Thilaka for setting up that party.

Biju Gopi was kind enough to share his slides with us, so keep reading …

Gnome3 resources

Go to gnome3.org website, to get a idea about the new features, you can eventually get the live cd (an openSUSE 11.4 32/64 bits) is proposed and a 32bits fedora latest

I (with the help of Izabele Valverde in fact) also found this videos series on you tube.

Gnome 3 Deeper Hardware integration GNOME 3: Deeper Hardware Integration

App based window management GNOME 3: App-based Window Management

Accessing app quickly GNOME 3: Accessing Apps Quickly

fewer interruptions GNOME 3: Fewer Interruptions

Creating a workspace GNOME 3: Creating a Workspace

Creating workspace GNOME 3: Working with Windows

That’s all folks for this openSUSE Ambassador report

Nota : just a word to my KDE’s relatives, no I didn’t nor will change my desktop. Gnome 3 looks pleasant but miss some keys features I need, and have under kde4 🙂

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