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Mockup :: GNOME3 and YaST

April 30th, 2011 by

With the release of GNOME3 I would assume that people are interested in seeing how YaST2 (suggestion: rename it to YaST3 !!) is going to take form with GTK3. Of course this means eventually writing another application in GTK3, hopefully different from the old gnome-control-panel ‘style’ which was actually pretty confusion from the user point of view as it was far too close to gnome-control-center, thus confusing new comers.

My suggestion (unaware if it’s possible or not) was probably to explore GNOME3 features to serve YaST integrated already with GNOME3. This could be an interesting approach as it would offer integration and some advantages:

* Better integration with GNOME3 without having to write(/maintain another application;
* Take advantage of YaST2 modular structure;
* Present YaST in a prime space in GNOME3, thus offering a openSUSE differentiation point;
* No conflicts with possible KDE existing front-ends for YaST2;
* Improve users experience.

My proposal would be something like (maybe to be served as an extension for gnome-shell). Please neglect my ‘lame’ photo manipulation skills:

Mockup: YaST2 on GNOME3

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8 Responses to “Mockup :: GNOME3 and YaST”

  1. Cool solution, it would have been better if you rename the ‘YaST’ tab to simply ‘Settings’ or something, to keep it simple.

  2. I did wonder how Yast might change with Gnome 3. I’m running it from the OBS build now, and there is a bit of overlap and some unused functionality. It’d be good to keep the power of Yast while integrating better with Gnome 3.

    I quite like the idea, but I also like Yast turning up in the Apps. I guess if the main Yast app remains then it’ll still be there, and the extra Yast section in the Activities launcher (or whatever it is called) will just be a more direct jump.

  3. Julian Aloofi

    While the mockup looks cool, I think it would be a better idea to put YaST in the status menu in the top-right corner, either close to System Settings or replacing it. Putting individual system administration tools in there while GNOME3 chose to depart from that with their control center might not be the best idea.
    The Windows-systemsettings-like structure of YaST was always something I liked, and I think an additional tab in the Shell for YaST would just be confusing.

    Integrating YaST tools in the GNOME control center would be a cool solution as well.

  4. Erwin M.

    What is that? Some kind of new smart phone OS like Android? It certainly don’t look like a desktop UI.

  5. +1.
    Good solution!