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Archive for May 14th, 2011

ATI/AMD fglrx 8.850 Catalyst 11.5 available for openSUSE 11.2, 11.3, 11.4, Factory

May 14th, 2011 by

New version of catalyst 11.5 / fglrx 8.850 available

Please refer to my previous article where all the installation procedure is explained.

At least after a wrong 11.4 version, and a first buggy 11.5 catalyst version, the new one is finally build and ready to install from the repo. Like for 11.3 I’ve clean up all previous version which are not xpic, so everybody can easily know which drivers he has to install.
I’ve resigned all rpm with my key. And the tests made show them working.


Some instabilities have been reported. In case of crash like no keyboard, mouse, and blackscreen on reboot. Try to shutdown properly your computer with the shutdown poweroff button. On reboot, just add 3 at the end of grub line to restart in console mode.
Then with yast or zypper you can always try the previous version.

All credits to Sebastian Siebert (freespacer) : 11.5 article

What about tumbleweed, factory?

Users have reported that version 8.850 of catalyst 11.5 compile correctly under Tumbleweed with 2.6.38 kernel and the driver is ready for kernel 2.6.39, so until xorg change too much and then AMD support for the new version, installing the 11.4 version should work

For factory, I’ve build a repository (see previous article) that can be used, and fglrx build

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