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[gsoc] osc code cleanup – summary of week 5

June 26th, 2011 by


here’s a small summary of the 5th (coding) week. I’ve spent most
of the time with the url-like argument parser (more information can be
found here and here). Additionally I cleaned up/reworked the
remote file classes (now we have: RORemoteFile and RWRemoteFile).
I also added an AbstractHTTPResponse and HTTPError class to the httprequest
module (the main purpose of the AbstractHTTPResponse is to encapsulate a
“concrete” http response (for instance it can be used as a wrapper around
urllib(2)’s addinfourl class)).
TODO for this week:

  • write a search module in order to find packages, projects, requests etc.
  • maybe we also need something like a source module (mainly to access the
    /source route)
  • think about working copy code cleanup/internal restructuring


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