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Facebook bans KDE’s photo uploader; all uploaded content inaccessible.

June 27th, 2011 by

So in my head there’s a little Walter Sobchak beating on my conscience and shouting “This is what you get when you trust Facebook with your data, Will”.
The reason is that I upload photos to Facebook using KDE’s shared uploader and this has fallen victim to the whims of FB’s purge of its app biosphere. Unless the original developer can convince them that the app is not spammy, offering a bad experience or having the wrong attitude, the app, my photos (all archived elsewhere of course), but most importantly, all the kind comments from my friends and contacts that represent FB’s only value, get sent to the farm.
This is what you get when you trust one company with stuff you care about. Will.

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14 Responses to “Facebook bans KDE’s photo uploader; all uploaded content inaccessible.”

  1. diego

    That’s why I have no plans including FB.

  2. Thomas Olsen

    Someone must have flagged content uploaded via KIPI as spam. I see now that it is missing from my apps 🙁

  3. Markus S.

    Report the issue at https://www.facebook.com/help/contact.php?show_form=photos_albums_missing

  4. Bruno Friedmann

    Hey a good reason to push more & more owncloud during the next Desktop Summit.

    Please don’t use FB, these are my initials(tm)

  5. That’s what happens when you trust the cloud of the corporations, in general.

  6. Relaxion

    I’m curious how Diaspora will stack up to FB. When it will open it’s registration, goodbye FB 😀

  7. 6205

    Social networks are using only idiots. Private data in cloud have backed up only retards.

  8. Wow, the trolling. From what I’ve seen, the Facebook KIPI plugin was violating FB’s Terms of Service. I agree that taking down the existing content is ass, but, well, them’s the breaks.

    Hopefully the next version of the FB KIPI plugin will be more a bit more careful about compliance, to protect users from this kind of problem.

  9. Will, appeal it!

    I have been twittering and posting about it, as well as submitting user help tickets, but the developer can request an appeal.

  10. Well, my picture that have been uploaded with Kipi are back online and the Kipi plugin is listed in my applications again – that was not the case yesterday evening. Has this been resolved, or did Facebook just bring the content back?

  11. Ricardo Chung

    Now, It is working again. I tested Digikam and Gwenview with no issues at this right moment. I was remembering myself how fragile Cloud Services are, how customers are losing their own stuffs control.

  12. Rob

    Stumbled upon this as result of Phoronix article on Novacut.

    Open Photo – Kickstarter appeal http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jmathai/openphoto-a-photo-service-for-your-s3-or-dropbox-a?ref=spotlight

    Not sure what to make of this “Kickstarter” could be way to get projects going with donations and infrastructure and time, yet OTOH the scamware potential is huge. Perhaps if Open Photo is legit, a KDE app could support it.

  13. Tim

    I was one of the users affected by this and I can confirm that it’s working again. Apparently the KDE devs filed a bug on the Facebook developer’s bugzilla.

    The only response they got was silence but they also fed the story to some tech new websites. Once that was done it wasn’t long before the app was magically re-enabled.

  14. F2

    Personally, I dislike Facebook on several levels.

    From there to “this is what happens when you trust a company” there is a mile.

    So, when a fellow human being screws you over, you deduce “this is what happens when you trust humans”? When a plumber does not do his job to your satisfaction, you dismiss the whole species? Race? Color? Nationality?

    This is what you get when you trust people named Will 😉

    1) RELAX, if you are entrusted with a megaphone, your responsibility is to use it to improve the environment, not rant.

    2) Appeal. Facebook has a large staff handling that thanks to ill-formed laws like the DMCA. If you use a civil tone, they will most likely help you.

    3) Maybe the app ACTUALLY violated the terms. Knowing if it did or not may help your appeal (“the app violated terms, but I still would like my data” vs “the app did not violate terms, and anyway I would like my data, could you help?”)/

    good Luck -Federico