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Factory Progress 2011-08-05

August 5th, 2011 by

The last few weeks have seen some a lot of package updates thus keeping our review and checkin team busy. I’d like to mention Sascha Peilicke who reviewed alone this week lots of packages. Have a look at just two numbers: In all of July we had 1001 check-ins and just from August 1st to 4th we had already 276 checkins.

The legal team has also gone through the long list of new packages and package updates during the legal reviews and reduced this week the list from over 100 packages to 12 packages now. Thanks Ciaran and Christoper for your legal review!


Detailed changes

Coolo explained the current policy on how detailed the changes entry in packages should be:

I repeat what I said before so everyone is on the same page:

Version numbers are per se no information and we want to offer users an easy, standarized way to find out what changed. But it’s not the packager’s job to collect upstream NEWS. So if the upstream project does not offer a summary, then say so in the .changes file, so also the user knows. If the upstream  project does not provide a summary but a detailed web page, then a link is fine too.

Major Package checkins


GNOME saw another step to the stable GNOME 3.2.0 with the GNOME 3.1.4 testing release getting pushed into Factory. KDE’s new release 4.7 is now also in Factory.

So far, the new kontact 2.0 version has not been submitted for Factory and you can get it from the KDE repositories. Btw. the openSUSE KDE developers have made the sqlite backend the default for akonadi since the upstream default of mysql caused too many problems. If you’re running already kmail2 and like to switch follow Ismail’s advice to change in ~/.config/akonadi/akonadiserverrc the line Driver=QMYSQL to Driver=QSQLITE.

New packages

New packages include quassel (an irc client) clementine (an amarok competitor) shorewall (new firewall). Also amarok was updated to 2.4.3 and thunderbird got updated together with enigmail.

Mounting /usr in the initrd

Michal Marek updated mkinitrd to mount /usr in the initrd. In the past, we had to move quite a lot libraries and binaries from /usr to the root
partition to allow having /usr as separate partition that can be mounted in all supported scenarios, like via nfs. This led to changes in many places and testing that everything worked as well. With mounting from the initrd, we do not need to move binaries and libraries anymore around.

Michal calls for testers on his blog and is also going to enhance the initrd to support all cases. Right now the simple cases work but support for booting from nfs is not supported yet.

Other interesting bits

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  1. Andrea Florio

    also LXDE got a major update.. almost all the packages have been updated