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[gsoc] osc code cleanup – summary of week 11

August 8th, 2011 by


here’s a small summary of the 11th (coding) week. This week I spent
most of my time with working on the wc code.


  • project wc: added commit and update methods
  • lots of wc code refactoring


  • project wc: commit only specific files for a package instead of the
    complete package (the package wc class already supports this)
    (use case: osc ci pkg1/file pkg1/foo pkg2/bar pkg3)
  • convert old working copies to the new format
  • package wc: update: add support to specify stuff like “expand”, “linkrev”
  • project wc: add a revert method (to restore a package wc with state ‘!’)
  • project/package wc: support diff
  • package wc: implement a pull method (does the same as “osc pull”)


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