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ATI/AMD fglrx 8.892 Catalyst 11.9 available for openSUSE 11.3, 11.4, 12.1 (Factory)

October 2nd, 2011 by

A new version of amd/ati Catalyst 11.9 / fglrx 8.892 is available

I’ve rebuild and published the new rpms on October 1st

fglrx-8.892-11.9 in action

fglrx 8.892 Catalyst 11.9 in action

  • 11.9 Quick review :
  • There’s no full changelog for Linux, but Catalyst 11.9 installer (pdf). You can always look for supported chipset at 11.9 Release Notes
  • Get the cheat-sheet 11.9 version
  • Kernel supported up to 3.1x version
  • Removed support of openSUSE 11.2, if you are still using it with Evergreen project, the repository still exist with older version
  • Tested and working on stock 11.4 and kde 4.7.1
  • Check that kernel module build correctly under factory

Sebastian Siebert (freespacer) : 11.9 article (German)

Flash 64bits 11 RC1 playing and VLC reading mp4

fglrx 8.891 - Catalyst 11.9 playing flash video and mp4 file

Installation, Caution, Troubles


Please refer to my previous article where all the installation procedure are explained.
For a first installation, if you don’t remove radeon from the initrd, you will get in trouble. Don’t thanks who removed that from the wiki. 🙁


  • Wrong (to my point of view) create an xorg.conf file which is unneeded if you work with /etc/xorg.conf.d/50-device.conf and have driver "fglrx&quot inside
  • AMD CCLE didn’t get correctly upgraded if xorg is running during the upgrade
    my advise, go to console and as root do the following :

    init 3
    rcatievenstd stop
    zypper ref
    zypper up

    let the package rebuild the kernel driver. And for me I always remove the newly xorg.conf file created.


Some instabilities could happen. In case of crash like no keyboard, mouse, and blackscreen on reboot. Try to shutdown properly your computer with the shutdown poweroff button (or remote ssh). On reboot, just add 3 at the end of grub line to restart in console mode.
Then with yast or zypper you can always remove the actual version and try the previous version available in the repos.
Or remove it totally and reuse free radeon driver. Think to remove any reference to fglrx inside xorg config files. and remove the blacklist radeon.

Under kde4, some system settings in Desktop Effects can drop you out of sync with your screen. alt+shift+F12 (disable desktop effect toggle keyboard shortcut) can restore your desktop.

What about tumbleweed, factory?

Users have reported that version 8.861 of catalyst 11.6 compile correctly under Tumbleweed with 2.6.39 kernel and the driver is ready for kernel 3.0x, so until xorg change too much and then AMD support for the new version, installing the 11.4 version should work.

For factory, I’ve build a repository (see previous article) that can be used, and fglrx build.
The new package are called SUSE121.

Next month we will be closer to the 12.1 release, and then I will start to open a openSUSE_12.1 repository

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All proudly served by openSUSE 11.4 powered server!

Have a lot of fun!

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3 Responses to “ATI/AMD fglrx 8.892 Catalyst 11.9 available for openSUSE 11.3, 11.4, 12.1 (Factory)”

  1. opensourcerer

    fglrx after 8Not working on Acer Aspire 1551-8650-US, with radeon HD 4225. I get a black screen and not even a log of events on Xorg.0.log

    • opensourcerer

      Meant to write version 8.831

      • @opensourcerer as it works well for a lot of us, describing a bit more your trouble can help.
        Otherwise, what we can do for you.

        If you are under Gnome3 : yeap a real problem exist between fglrx and Gnome3.
        A patch should exist for Gnome3.4 and will be backported for 3.2 at the beginning of December.