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3 new virtual party on SecondLife for upcoming openSUSE 12.1

October 3rd, 2011 by

You get an invitation!

Geeko place on SecondLife

Geeko place on SecondLife

Ladies & Gentlemen, months after the first virtual party [1][2][3] organized for 11.4 launch,

Françoise (aka Morgane Marquis) and myself (tigerfoot) organize 3 new parties on SecondLife [4] to welcome and fest our next release openSUSE 12.1, coming around the 11.11.11.

  • Three virtual great Saturday: October 22th, November 12th and December 10th.
  • From 6 to 8am Australian DJ Ariella is back again.
  • From 9 to 11am (SL time : utc-9) we will have the pleasure to listen American DJ Esquivel.

You should take this opportunity to try Second Life, creating an avatar, coming to dance and drinking some beers with us at Geekos Place.


Linux tribe place

Geeko in Linux tribe place

What’s new ?

From January to march 2011, we did rent a land, which cost much less than in real life, but had a cost. Yes it’s money and time to organize party, to find good DJ, invite people and for the main point : to get people come to your place. So after 10 great evenings with around 30-40 people, we decided to slow down. In April, we discovered the linux tribe sim. The place has been created to promote opensource, and even started recently a learning place (blender, gimp …).

Finally our Geekos Place is much smaller, but has found a place in the middle of the penguins tribe.
Thanks to them.

Second Life (SL) in a few words

Second Life represent millions of avatars (names and password), but let’s say about 40 to 60’000 people are connected at the same time (from USA to Europe, Australia, Africa …). As most of these visitors have a programmer or design profile, they can’t stand themselves from buying a land, creating a place, testing new concepts or scripts. So in fact, SL is a huge great creative space … and seems sometimes like a desert (as less people stand together on a same place).

Why Second Life ?

In January, we start looking for open groups on SL … and we were surprised to see a list of hundred of those. Then we discovered that if some were listing the different Linux distributions, most of them forgot openSUSE. Worst when we arrived on the penguin tribe sim, it seems we fall inside an Ubuntu fan club. We heard that openSUSE was too difficult to install! Beg your pardon ? lol.
Ok, we won’t go to SL for a competition (in term of fight), but just to be where users and contributors can be!

Even if SL is not that easy to use, as it need a powerful openGL 3D stack, and specialized client software [5], it’s a surprising place to visit

Real and virtual life

Virtual Party DJ Ariella
Virtual Party DJ Esquievel

We could start a big talk on "what is real or not?" But who cares?

We just invite you to come, try it, Have a lot of fun, and represent openSUSE on a virtual place.

We found 2 great DJ, Ariella from Australia, and Esquievel from the USA. Both are mixing great rock and pleasant music. And we have to remember that they are not paid, except with the tips they receive during the party from you and us. If you are not an addict of SL perhaps you don’t know that pretty cheap to give generous tips on SL. And each buck earn is really appreciate by the DJ. Think about it!


Act Now!

Can we count on your energy and joy?

Don’t wait the last minute! Create today your avatar, and come as soon as possible, get and wear your free Geeko t-shirt! If you need help to move or to find the place, just IM Morgane Marquis or Tigerfoot. See or hear you soon.

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