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Geeko says: Hey dude, that’s my car!

October 9th, 2011 by
Geeko in its new car

Geeko : I love riding

Imagine it!

A few months ago, I’ve started to look for my next car. Then a crazy idea emerged, why not a Geeko’s car?

Find it!

At that time Gilbert my mechanic [www] told me that Ford will get a new Fiesta model called Sport+ with a more powerful engine, a new look & feel. I went to the exhibition and made a short test drive. The car was cool. The exhibit model was in blue with 2 white stripes.

Blue? Green would have been cool isn’t it?

Fiesta Sport+ with original stripes

Draw it!

Several weeks have past (Gnome3 launch, DesktopSummit, OSC11 preparation), but the idea stayed in my mind. Good news, the model exist in white with blue stripes too.

After finding a collada model compatible with Blender and pattern for printers coming from ccvision.de (Ford_231 for reference) I started imagine how I can transform it. Playing with demo pictures gimp, blender and inkscape, my project started to look as I wanted : green it will be!

Order it!

End of August the things became more serious, the old one was on good shape, the price and primes for the new one were all interesting and inside my budget, let’s order it!
Unfortunately, the delay to get the car and the design done before OSC11 was too short. At least let’s get the car nude white.

No need to say that we enjoyed the journey to Nuremberg with the new car. Okay back home I let the car for two days with the instructions to print it.

Gosh the result totally blew my mind!

The Geeko's fiesta front

A cool Geeko Green Car

We use the original Ford design for the stripes

Anybody should see where we are located on internet!

The url is made with the same dark gray used for the bumper down part

Free Future, my moto on connect.

Geeko(tm) on windows

Enjoy it!

Happy ambassador & proud member

Now who want to help me to find some events & funds to go there and show it!

Drive carefully, Have fun!

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14 Responses to “Geeko says: Hey dude, that’s my car!”

  1. Gregory Zysk


    What can I say other than awesome!! That looks completely awesome, really I am jealous!!!

  2. DUDE! Have I told you that YOU ARE CRAZY! But I like your attitude. It is really cool. Can’t wait to see it in person.

    • Thomas, normally in a few weeks, I have to go to ZĂŒrich to bring a bit more free-beer. So rendez-vous there!
      At least we should organize something with Marcus at ETHZ for 12.1 release.

  3. Wow Bruno this is really great! I am proud to say I sit in this car even though it didn’t have stripes and Geeko back then. Really really nice!!!

  4. Helen South

    I’m so impressed, that’s amazing and it looks great.

    • Bruno Friedmann

      Thanks Helen. I was not sure at 100% at the beginning of the project.
      But the result is really fantastic. I’ve the chance to get some good professionals that have printed the stickers and put them on the car.

  5. Alin M Elena

    you shall get the marketing medal… if any around.

  6. Wow! Awesome !!!! Let’s Go For A Gymkhana!!! 😀 #wrc_addicted



    • Bruno Friedmann

      George I love the Green Power light !!!
      And yeap the jacket should be ready for Christmas 😀

  7. Nelson Marques

    Awesome stuff, there’s a thing line between madness and geniality, you just crossed to geniality 🙂

  8. Respect…Very nice car…!!!

  9. THANK YOU!!! I so appreciate this site.This is news I need to know.