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WebYaST Terminal Plugin

November 16th, 2011 by

During the SUSE Hackweek Vladislav Lewin (member of the YaST team) has had the nice idea writing a WebYaST plugin which provides a console terminal witch which the user has the opportunity to login on a console on the target machine. He sould be able to start any console based application there ( of course even YaST :-))

So the benefit is to login on a target linux machine from a computer which

  • has not to be a unix machine and
  • is without any VPN configuration stuff.

Just a simple Web browser is needed to get a login via the Web on another linux machine:

Mainly the architecture is based on shellinabox which we have packaged together with the WebYaST Terminal Plugin. These RPMs are now available for download.

BTW: You will be surprised that the source code of the WebYaST Terminal Plugin has about 100 lines only !!!

How to get:

  • All needed packages can be downloaded from OBS
  • The source code can be found in Github

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4 Responses to “WebYaST Terminal Plugin”

  1. liquidsky

    This is the function which I have missed till now. Thank you. \o/

  2. So… one could run the ncurses version of YaST in WebYast so you could configure your system while you configure your system? (:

  3. Stefan Schubert

    Yes, what about an ncurses UI of SuSE Studio ? 🙂

  4. hron84

    Awesome stuff, I need it, so I going to install it.