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Gnome 2 under openSUSE 12.1

December 5th, 2011 by

Updated to openSUSE 12.1 I found myself feeling nostalgia about Gnome 2 which was featured as part of openSUSE 11.4. I quickly enabled openSUSE 11.4 repository and carefully installed Gnome 2 packages from there. After installing each package I barred version modification and thoroughly checked so that no Gnome 3 packages installed. After work done I found that Gnome 2.32 works under openSUSE 12.1 pretty well without visible glitches.

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5 Responses to “Gnome 2 under openSUSE 12.1”

  1. hron84

    Exactly which repository did you added? The 11.4 distrib repo, or the Gnome repo itself?

  2. Ford

    I should add is that my interest is that an upgrade to 12.1 has broken system due to gnome3 incompatibility with (the very common) radeon driver apparently…. :={