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openSUSE 12.1 KDE3 LiveCD

December 2nd, 2011 by

As KDE3 is again part of the official openSUSE 12.1 repositories (thanks to all who made this happen), I took the chance to create an installable livecd. Besides a preconfigured KDE3 desktop, it contains additional software like Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird and LibreOffice. YaST2 is available for administrative tasks like system configuration or software management. The media does not contain all language packs due to size limitations, but they could be easily installed. The KDE3 language packages are named kde3-i18n-$LANG, e.g. kde3-i18n-eo.

In order to to emphasize the feeling of good old times, the artwork is based on SUSE 10.1. The kde3-gtk-qt-engine is included to give a unique experience over GTK and QT applications and KDE4 applications make use of the Plastique widget style and Plastik colors.

The x86_64 and the i686 iso images have been created using the kiwi tools. You can download the kiwi description and build your customized version. Just make sure you have kiwi and kiwi-config-openSUSE-12.1 installed and run create_livecd.sh from the archive. (You can adjust the image_arch variable within the script according to your build architecture)

If you got any further questions concerning KDE3 on openSUSE, please take a look at the openSUSE KDE3 wiki page and join the mailinglist.

PS: And please don’t forget to vote for me 😉

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25 Responses to “openSUSE 12.1 KDE3 LiveCD”

  1. Aleksey

    Hi! What username and password in your distribution

  2. user: tux
    pass: linux

    autologin is active. user is in wheel group, root pw disabled on livecd

  3. Barnabyh

    Nice one, thank you. Still like KDE3 much better too.

  4. Bruno Friedmann

    Now what’s cool in 12.1 : I’ve added a full bunch of lock to get ride of this old version I don’t want to see anymore.

    zypper al kde3*

    Unfortunately there’s not a minus button 😀

  5. @Bruno, if it again lets you feel how good is your current KDE4 desktop, it’s more than enough 😉

  6. Great work! Keep on.

  7. Maico

    Please checksums MD5, SHA1 and SHA256.


  8. Aleksey

    Hello why i can’t autolin in VMware workstation?

  9. rk

    And what about NetworkManager? What can I use for mobile GSM modems?

  10. Ariel

    Ohhhh Golden times……, Thanks so much for this good memories

  11. oldcpu

    I added a reference here to your liveCD : http://en.opensuse.org/Derivatives#Other_community_live_CDs . Thank you for your contribution by sharing this liveCD.

  12. Marcus Moeller

    added md5sums.

    @rk: sorry I don’t think knetworkmanager3 is very good. I would suggest to use yast, instead.

    • rk

      YAST is crap for mobile broadband 😉 GNOME nm-applet would have to be used (or the “raw” way with wvdial).

  13. Thanks Marcus, & everyone else for continuing KDE 3.5 & making this installable live disk. Is it KDE3.5 or Trinity Desktop Environment on this live disk? If it is Trinity, you could mention both Trinity & that it’s a fork or continuation of KDE 3.



  14. Great, thanks. KDE 4 and GNOME 3 are the main reasons why I don’t really use Linux anymore. The other one is OS X, a *nix so close to perfection.
    I have it on 2 or 3 partitions of my PCs, though.
    Will download yours.

  15. BTW Marcus, I must be tired, but I don’t understand how I can vote for you.

  16. bodz

    great work, but what’s the password for root (to mount drives and make them writable)?

    • dklynx

      @ bodz
      Passwords are mentioned in the second entry in this thread (December 3)

      You must have been sleepy? 😛

      “If your body is your temple – Then to whom do you pray?”

  17. Ist dass das KDE3 welches unter dem Trinity Desktop Projekt weitergepflegt wird oder die uralt KDE3 Quellen?

    • PVOzerski

      Das scheint unabhängig von Trinity zu sein obwohl ist schon nicht völlig “nativ”.

  18. Aaron

    Marcus Moeller
    December 13, 2011 at 15:05

    added md5sums.

    Where are the added md5sums? Can’t find

  19. Thanks ever so much for keeping kde 3.5 alive
    I refuse to use anything but and was feeling the squeeze from forkers out there pushing
    people into kde4. Kinda reminds you of windows….involuntary upgrade or die on the vine.

  20. Markus


    KDE 3.5 booted well on a desktop PC where I tested it first. But It won’t start on the very old notebook of a friend of mine.

    Isn’t there a way to install from this CD without starting the live-System first?

    Thanks for all answers!


  21. PVOzerski

    A good idea but terrible realization. The disk auto-mounting without hal is very buggy. E.g. an USB flash is recognized as a HD and the tray applet doesn’t find it. A new init system causes some problems. A minor problem is non-functioning progress bar on the boot/shutdown splash. The second problem is long time sleeping samba (seems to be solved after installing the old init system).

  22. Jo


    Thats a real workplace, it booted in 10 seconds on SSD, instead the KDE 4 toy need about 1 minute. I only miss KPowersave. How I can realize a display for accucapacity?

    Thanks Jo