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I will miss the 5th edition of openSUSE Conference

June 16th, 2013 by

no osc13 for me

I’m not going to osc13

Sunny sky, rainy heart today.

Two days ago, I took the decision to not assist the certainly most fabulous openSUSE Conference next July in Thessaloniki.

A conjunction of several factors lead to that decision.
First what I regret was the chosen date. Damn July is the only expensive period to travel to Thessaloniki. The plane ticket never drop below the 800€ (hey! for sure I want to have Françoise with me), especially with the late announce of precise days. May, June, September would have been so cheaper…
I can understand the choice main sponsor SUSE do, and their need to spread osc and SUSECON at a 6 month delay in the year’s schedule, but sadly does not work for me this year.

Thessaloniki port

Thessaloniki port

Secondly after February marketing hack-fest, I missed (I still don’t know how) the opportunity to get my travel reimbursed by the TSP and then loose half of the budget for osc. Before TSP get improved, and send a bounce email to ask you to send back your forms. So if you are sponsored for osc, fill and send back your expenses quickly after the event. Don’t believe you do it, check twice you really do it! Don’t suppose, be sure!

Another side, I already knew that a customer project will happen during that time-frame. As it concerns a lot of partner’s I’ve to take in account the availability of each of them. Unfortunately, after believing that it could be doable to free-up time for osc I decide to stop persecuting myself, and make a deal to live in peace and go ahead: no osc this year.

Maths have their say: statistically, more osc will be, more the chance to miss one will increase 🙂 ( I know still not a real excuses)

I would like to share my deep apologizes to the whole Greek Community in charge of OSC13. You all know, how I was and still am a big found of your commitment and really appreciate each of you.
I will all miss you!

I really hope osc13 will stay in history as one of the ever greatest conference organized.

Don’t worry Thessaloniki, I know how great the place is, kind the people are, etc..
I’ll be back soon!

Αχ Θεσσαλονικη – Αντωνης Βαρδης

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2 Responses to “I will miss the 5th edition of openSUSE Conference”

  1. Dude, that really sucks, we’ll miss you lots and lots… For next year you should book the trip as soon as the location is known 😉

    Btw SUSE didn’t pick the oSC dates, the local team did. Of course, not having oSC at the same time as the openSUSE Summit is smart, but I believe they simply wanted the event to happen earlier in the year for planning and availability-of-team-members reasons.

    • Bruno Friedmann

      @Jos, Yeah I would like to be able to pick a flight 6 months in advance, with place and date fixed 🙂