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openSUSE and GCC part 9: Open Build Service why should I use it?

December 11th, 2013 by

Imagine yourself in place where: you have succeeded to create best open source project ever appeared in face of earth. Your project has most fabulous source management system ever imagined (mostly coded by you) and you release tar balls often with plenty new neat features. You have managed that your project users provide some binary builds for Windows, Mac OS X and some bunch of Linux distributions. So your ride is smooth and pleasant (Mr. Maslow just waves to you from bottom of pyramid). Then black clouds arise and some Linux build manager who is doing binary builds for spefic important Linux distribution just vanishes upon the earth or you notice it would be nice to support more wide range of distributions than you allready have. Then you should consider using Open Build Service or openSUSE version of it known as OBS.

OBS in nutshell

Open Build Service started as named ‘openSUSE build Service’ but name changed long time a go. Basic idea is that you can compile source package to binary package and do it on many different distributions and architectures same time. It sounds good and mostly it’s better than that.
So last time I showed how to make RPM package and now I’ll transfer it to OBS and build it. For not wasting time I have already made project for it under my home project. In project page there is plenty of stuff most of them we talk in last episode. As you can notice OBS has very good and clean web gui. All thought I’m hardcore fan of shell I really enjoy OBS webgui.

Show me code

If you sign up for OBS you get your own home directory and you can create sub-projects there like I did home:illuusio:example/sdl_displaybitmap . Under package there is plenty of distributions currently build: Debian, Fedora, Arch and openSUSE of course. ‘sdl_displaybitmap.spec’ is the same SPEC file as used last time with out any tuning and same goes with tar-ball file ‘sdl_displaybitmap-1.0.tar.bz2’. Other files you can ignore in this point.
OBS thing is you can just push (with some excuses and oopses) your rpm spec file and get it compile. Now you should really read openSUSE packaging documentation because if you just gun ho forward like me did at the begin you gonna suffer and then suffer little more and then you probably die in misery and your children will be send in salt mines.

This was it? now what?

Look around and think if it’s for you. I like OBS enough to drop you a tip about it but it’s just my opinion. Take some time and learn how to use OBS and probably command line util ‘osc‘. Then you start to make extraneous RPM packages with OBS and start distributing your best-on-earth open source project binary packages for multiple Linux distributions with ease and speed you never have seen before or you just keep on doing what you are doing.

But but I got closed source application and want to use this system

Okay this is shameless commercial part! Don’t read any futher if you don’t want to. Then you can contact me and i’ll consult you out or read one more what reads here. Like you probably find out they have version of OBS that is open source and if you set it up all by yourself it doesn’t cost you a dime or save some time and buy support from B1 . it’s up to you again ;).

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