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And done…. new images available

June 12th, 2014 by


It took a bit but I am happy to report that all openSUSE 13.1 images in Amazon EC2, Google Compute Engine and Microsoft Azure public cloud environments have been refreshed. After the latest round of the GNU-TLS and OpenSSL fixes the security was, as usual, extremely efficient in providing fixed packages and these have been available in all cloud images via zypper up since last Friday. As of today the base images available in the public cloud frameworks contain the fixes by default.

In Amazon the new images are as follows:

  • ap-northeast-1: ami-79296078
  • ap-southeast-1: ami-84a7fbd6
  • ap-southeast-2: ami-41cbae7b
  • eu-west-1: ami-b56aa4c2
  • sa-east-1: ami-bffb54a2
  • us-east-1: ami-5e708d36
  • us-west-1: ami-16f2f553
  • us-west-2: ami-b7097487

In Google compute engine the image name is: opensuse-13-1-v20140609

The old image (opensuse131-v20140417) has been deprecated. To access the image you will need to add –image=opensuse-cloud/global/images/opensuse-13-1-v20140609 as the openSUSE images are not yet fully integrated into the GCE framework. Still working on that part with Google. This image also has upgrades to the google-cloud-sdk package and enable the bq (big-query) command. The gcloud command is still a bit rough around the edges, but the gcutil command should work as expected. Eventually gcutil is going to be deprecated by Google thus there is work to be done to fix the integration issues with the gcloud command. If anyone has time to work on that please send submit request to the google-cloud-sdk package in the Cloud:Tools project in OBS. Unfortunately Google still hasn’t posted the source anywhere for open collaboration 🙁 . They’ll get there eventually. I will try and push any changes upstream.

In Azure just search for openSUSE in the Gallery, it’s more of a point an click thing 😉

And that’s a wrap. Not certain we will be able to improve on the speed of such fire drill updates, but we’ll try to keep refreshing images as quickly as time allows when critical vulnerabilities in the core libraries get exposed.

Have a lot of fun….

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5 Responses to “And done…. new images available”

  1. Leonard

    Really nice to hear,

    but how can I connect?

    ssh -i SVN_Key.pem root@54.xx.xx.xx
    Permission denied (publickey).

  2. Thorsten

    Ditto, what’s the root user id? Is cloud-init installed on all these images?

  3. tr


    I wonder if it would be possible to create also ami versions using hvm instead of paravirtual. It would enable OpenSUSE 13.1 also in t2.{micro,small,medium} instances that are not enabled as pv but hvm only.

    • rjschwei

      Hmm, the creation of HVM image was restricted in the past to certain accounts, AFAIK. I am not certain this has been lifted but will investigate.

  4. Robert Schweikert

    Sorry for not responding, didn’t see any notification of the questions.

    Anyway, ues cloud-init is sintalled and ssh -i mySSH_PrivateKey root@…. should work, at least it works for me.