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openSUSE 13.2 Artwork Proposal

June 13th, 2014 by

Dear Geekos,

at the openSUSE Conference 14, Kenneth Wimer presented some new ideas and guidelines about branding. This includes a color set, as well as some new design elements.

You can watch his talk here.

I have taken the chance to prepare a light wallpaper proposal, based on this color set


It is of course a proposal, and you are invited to hack on it, improve it, or create something new. The SVG source is available here.

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4 Responses to “openSUSE 13.2 Artwork Proposal”

  1. bob i

    It looks OK, I could have thought of worse,
    A suggestion is to maybe add openSUSE in white under Geeko.

  2. Marcus Moeller

    First hack by victor: