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AMD Catalyst 15.3 Beta for openSUSE – new makerpm-amd-script is available

April 8th, 2015 by

AMD has released the new AMD Catalyst 15.3 Beta. They have not yet released a public beta driver for all other distributions. It is currently available for Ubuntu. *sigh* So, it is a bit hard work to implement this in the makerpm-amd-script to replace the latest AMD Catalyst 14.12 with AMD Catalyst 15.3 Beta. So do not confused if the script downloads the AMD Catalyst 14.12. 🙂

Unfortunately there is no release notes from AMD. This update can solve the issue with PowerXpress but I can not really verified this because lack of such hardware.

Another side note I have implemented a workaround in the script to get the driver works with the GNOME Displaymanager + GNOME. It is a little cruel hack but it works for the moment. Thanks to the user that they posted the article in my blog. 😉

For GNOME user with gdm: Execute the following command as root after the installation of the AMD driver and before restart the machine:
sh makerpm-amd-15.3-beta.sh --install-gdm-fix
If you update the AMD driver, so the workaround does not work anymore. It is important that you do not delete the file /amd_xversion and is needed for the workaround.

To revert the changes:
sh makerpm-amd-15.3-beta.sh --uninstall-gdm-fix

Before I forget it: All user from openSUSE Tumbleweed can also install the driver. But remember, Tumbleweed is under heavy development. I can not guarantee that the driver works in the future yet.


Installation guide (English):

The above named installation guide is only for the stable driver but you can adapt it for the beta driver.

Bruno Friedmann will build the new RPM packages in the fglrx repository. Stay tune!

If you find any issue with the driver. Don’t hesitate to contact me. I am in contact with AMD and can forward your issue to the right place. Feedback are welcome.

A report of your system is very helpful beside your feedback. You can generate it with the script:
su -c 'sh makerpm-amd-15.3-beta.sh -ur'

Have a lot of fun!

openSUSE member / Official AMD Packaging Script Maintainer for openSUSE

German Blog: openSUSE – proprietĂ€ren Grafik-Treiber AMD Catalyst 15.3 Beta als RPM installieren

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5 Responses to “AMD Catalyst 15.3 Beta for openSUSE – new makerpm-amd-script is available”

  1. Bruno Friedmann

    Hey Sebastian, just a question about the gdm hack and building the rpm.
    Should I build them with the option or only for specific plateforms?

    Build should be there in the next few days.

    • Hi Bruno,

      the hack is only a separate operation and is not included in the fglrx package because this is only a emergency workaround. This modify the fglrx driver on binary level. Of course the hack is also beta and is needed the makerpm-amd-script for the moment. I have got some feedback from users that the workaround works for them.

      If AMD released the next public driver and gdm is not working yet, I try to include the workaround in the fglrx package. AMD knows about the bug.




      • Bruno Friedmann

        Any delay announced for a better real beta public?
        It sounds like it would be better to have a real beta-src package to base the rpm on.

        At the actual state it sound like a bit too hackish to propose a package with, no?
        People willing to use the beta should/could use your script cause they know how to get out of emergency situation.

  2. Alex

    thanks for the script.
    Only one remark: if the directory from which the script was launched contain spaces, it fails.

  3. snake2903

    Hi, i tried both, 14.12 and 15.3 beta version on openSUSE 13.2 XFCE and did not work for me.
    I have HP ProBook 4730s with Intel HD 4000 Integrated and AMD Radeon 6940M as Dedicated graphic card. I installed drivers as described in guide ( restarted in command line, blacklist radeon and etc…). After installing drivers, AMD was active and after reboot i cant’get picture, only blank screen. After switching with aticonfig to Intel card i can get into openSUSE. In AMD Catalyst i see that Intel is active card. I tried to switch from Catalyst to AMD card and same scenario…. blank screen. On openSUSE 13.1 everything worked fine. I also try gdm-fix, but didn’t work. I hope this was good bug report 🙂