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Hi how are you doing? Sorry you can’t get through. Just leave your name and you number and I’ll get back to you

November 27th, 2015 by

No.. I haven’t forget you! I think of you every day, night and if I’m honest all the time. You and you and you and especially you who are reading these lines. This is going to be sort blog entry. I want you to know what you should start doing! Yes just stop being social in internet. Get out of your comfort zone and start spank the monkey (oh.. sorry not spank the monkey this is children approved blog..) er.. learning new stuff.

Start you maker project and learn how to 3D with Blender (it’s marvelous 3D application). After Blender there is no excuse and it’s free (but remember if you really like it give something back). Are you on more on CAD? Learn 3D CAD with FreeCAD (Again amazing tool). Want to ride IoT wave but you don’t have too much money then get new shiny Tiny $5 Raspberry Pi Zero or 9$ C.H.I.P and make your Fritzing electric boogie with ease (and by the way you can commit those boards to library. It’s open source!). You are in music how about doing some DJ:n with linux? Mixxx just got shiny 2.0 RC1 out. Are you more reading type and need something to manage you e-books: Calibre is here to help. Huh so much to do so less time!

Where to get them? openSUSE have RPM for all of them just learn to search them from Packman or from OBS. Sorry to say Raspberry Pi Zero is currently not supported but you can help to add it to ARM boards working with openSUSE same problems with C.H.I.P (If you have Raspberry Pi 1/2 just get image for them from openSUSE ARM image and start hacking). You should learn how to add new repos to YaST2 and add Packman repo for new FreeCAD, Fritzing and Mixxx. Yes! most of them run also on Windows and Mac OS X. Now smile on, thumbs up and get your groove on with title song: De La Soul – Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)

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