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Running live image from RAM

January 29th, 2016 by

Some time back I wrote a patch to KIWI that allows running openSUSE live entirely from RAM(tmpfs).

How to use it?
Pass “toram” parameter at the boot menu. Try it on Li-f-e.

Running the OS from RAM make it lot more responsive than running from DVD or USB device, for example it is most useful for running a demo computer where many users try lot of applications installed in the live system. USB or the DVD can be ejected once the OS is loaded. It can be used to load OS to RAM directly from iso in a virtual machine as well.

Needs enough RAM to copy the entire iso to RAM and then some spare to operate the OS, Li-f-e for instance would need minimum 5G RAM available. It also takes a bit longer to boot as the entire image is copied to RAM.

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