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A brief 360° overview of my first board turn

January 18th, 2016 by

You’ve certainly noticed that I didn’t run for a second turn, after my first 2 years. This doesn’t mean the election time and the actual campaign are boring 🙂

If you are an openSUSE Member, we really want to have your vote, so go to Board Election Wiki and make your own opinion.

The ballot should open tomorrow.


Why not a second turn?

Being a board member (present at almost every conference call, reading the mailing lists and other task) consume free time. It has increased during the last semester too. And we’ve got some new business opportunities here at Ioda-Net Sàrl in 2015, and those need also my attention for the next year(s). I prefer to be a retired Board member, than not being able to handle my responsabilities.
But I’m not against the idea of a "I’ll be back" in a near future. Moreover with a bit more bandwidth in my free time, I will be able to continue my packaging stuff, and other contributions.

What a journey!

With the new campaign running, I found funny to bring back to light my 2013 platform written 2 years ago. And spent 5 minutes on checking the differences with today. I’m inviting you to discover the small interview between me and myself 🙂

1. Which sentences would you say again today?

I’m a "Fucking Green Dreamer" of a world of collaboration, which will one day offer Freedom for everyone.

Clearly still a day by day mantra and leitmotiv. But even if I’m dreaming, I never forget that
Freedom has a price : Freedom will only be what you do for it.

2. Which thing you would not say again, or differently ?

Well, as there’s no joker card, let’s start by this one:
"A Visible Active Board > A Visible Active Project." With the experience and time, and interaction, (the one who said fight, get out please :-)), I would said this is not as easy as it sound first.
I’m pretty sure, I was more quieter since I was on the board, than before. Because it’s too hard to make a clear distinction, when you just want to express something as "a simple contributor": you are on the board, and then whatever you can try to trick the fact: you’re still a board member.

So making the Board visible like a kind of communicant Alien, will certainly not improve that much our project.
It’s written everywhere, almost everybody agree, the board is not the lighthouse in the dark showing you the future.
Anyone, I repeat, anyone in this community is a potential vector of a future for openSUSE.

So in my past platform "Guardians of the past, Managers of the present, Creators of the future." I would replace Creators of the future by kinda "enabler"

3. In the last 2 years, where did openSUSE mostly evolve?

I think we moved from a traditional way of building distribution to some creative alternative, the rolling but tested Tumbleweed, and the hybrid Leap are really good things that happened.
I believe that if we have also some hard time on mailing list, which are exhausting, they also have a positive aspect (yeap:-)). If we fight, then it’s certainly because of our faith in something. Is this one defined? Not sure! But I’m pretty convinced that all members around have a good image of it.

4. What would be an advice to your successor (even if he doesn’t care about it)?

We are a tooling community, we love tools. Beware of one thing, if you get hurt by a tool, you can become the worst asshole you’ve never met. With tools, you can also hurt other people.

My advise, watch your step and keystroke!


5. Something more you would like to share?

I’ve invested time and energy during 2014 and beginning of 2015, to run booth, talks, represent openSUSE’s project all around. It was awesome to go to those events and meet people, involved or interested about openSUSE.

Perhaps some of you don’t know, but we have friends all around us, in many communities, and when the magic about working together appears, it just blast my heart.

Thanks for reading and for your support during this period

Truly green yours

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8 Responses to “A brief 360° overview of my first board turn”

  1. John Kilgour

    As an openSUSE user, thank you very much for your efforts in supporting the openSUSE project.

  2. I like this sentence:
    “Freedom will only be what you do for it.”
    yep man! you are right!! 🙂

  3. Mohammad Ali

    I’m big fan of opensuse as i remember from opensuse 13.1 i start to work with opensuse and from that time my problem with NVIDIA OPTIMUS started too.


    do something for it i see that Ubuntu and Mint and some others make it very easy to do but i steel have problem with opensuse and nvidia optimus.
    and yet i cannot believe in this new version (42.1 LEAP) nothing solved about this problem.

    • Bruno Friedmann

      Telling us that others do better doesn’t help that much 🙂
      If you tell us how they do, perhaps we can improve the situation.
      Did you gave reported your trouble on bugzilla?
      Remember you want free (not gratis) software… and this has a price, your involment 😉

      • Mohammad Ali

        yes you are right, that time i was working with bumblebee for 2 hours and i was very tired sorry.
        i mean it is good if opensuse have just gui program for drivers to install and it can automatically recognize optimus and offer some drivers for installing to user and when user installed nvidia driver simple icon appear on the menubar for changing between intel and nvidia
        thanks for answer

        • Bruno Friedmann

          The best place for this kinf of requests is feature.opensuse.org
          Perhaps it could become a perfect google of code at least for the intel/nouveau pair.

  4. Gertjan Lettink aka Knurpht

    A tad late, but thank you very much. For your board activities, this post and the “depressive green” session at osC15 :).

    • Bruno Friedmann

      First receive my congrats for your nomination. I’ll give you the hot potatoes. And let’s have a fun beer at OSC16…