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Wine on Linuxtag 2011

May 16th, 2011 by

As Christian Boltz and myself held a quite successful talk on Wine on the 2010 openSUSE conference, we decided to again hold a talk at Germanys largest Linux fair, Linux Tag 2011 in Berlin.

We again ran the pun talk “Wine” (not) the Emulator vs “Wine” the beverage, with Christian talking about life and work at a vineyard and his wine grower community at Deutsches Weintor.

Included in this talk was a Wine tasting of 4 different kinds of Wine, as grown in the area were Christian lives.

His stories on Vineyard activities and the processing from grape to wine interluded with myself talking about Wine the Emulator, its historical and statistical parts, game support and futures.

Around 70 people  enjoyed our light hearted wrap up talk of this Linux Tag conference.

Images: by hueck2342 at flickr.com, licensed as Creative Commons  – Share Alike, Attribute, Non Commercial http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/

freebeer.ch version 2.0 : new taste, new packaging, same free license

April 4th, 2011 by


Freebeer.ch version 2.0

visit freebeer.ch

Just a quick note about the new version (2.0) we had tasted Friday 1st April in Zürich.

No April fool, here, even if by car Zürich is one of the worst city to drive. Hopefully, I’ve a driver who don’t drink Alcohol. One hour and a half to join Zurich, and one hour to find the place, and park the car.

Anyway, we found the HUB place, and enjoyed the new version of swiss freebeer, in the company of around forty people.

The new receipt is absolutely right for my taste, and I can assure to German & Czech previous testers, it’s really better. And no, it’s not a pils malt based one. Afterall we have Geeko’s beer for that.

Pascal Mages & Roland Studer made a quick and nice presentation about the idea, the concept, and the open philosophy behind the bottle. (avertas.ch)

Then Daniel Reichlin, the brewer, made a presentation about his brewery located in Winterthur. (website). We appreciate especially the serious during QA tests. 🙂

Dabu Fantastic (Acoustic Set) website fill our ears, during the time Daniel fill ours glasses.

As always during this type of events, it’s cool to meet people, discuss about free/open world, our beloved distributions, etc

They publish some numbers, and it seems we drink (driver excluded) 80 Liters during the event.

ps: if someone near Delémont want to drink one, I’ve bring back some of them at home 🙂


Catherine Lippuner, who get some pictures, was kind enough to share some with us.

Freebeer.ch Roland Studer & Daniel Reichlin

Roland Studer (back) from avertas.ch / Daniel Reichlin (front) brewer

people drinking freebeer, and watching brewer's presentation

people drinking freebeer, and watching brewer's presentation


Public during presentation of "open concept"

Public during presentation of open concept

attentive audience

attentive audience