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How to search more efficiently in Bugzilla with pybugz

June 19th, 2008 by

If you just want to search for bugs in Bugzilla, it’s (a bit?) painful: start the browser, type in the URL, insert your login and password and try to find out where to go. There is an easier way to do: pybugz for commandline lovers!

Thanks to Peter Poeml, get this very useful Python script from here. After you have installed it you need only two steps to configure it:

  1. Create a file ~/.bzuser and insert your Bugzilla login.

  2. Login into Bugzilla and insert your password. This creates the file ~/.bugz_cookie:

    $ /usr/bin/bugz-login

The script knows several subcommands, its interface is similar to CVS or Subversion. You can search, get, post, modify, attach and download an attachment, all with this utility. For example, if you want all bugs about “XML”, regardless of the product or component, you just type:

$ bugz search xml

That gives the following output:

 * Using https://bugzilla.novell.com/
 * Searching for 'XML'
 [ deleted a lot of lines ]

Maybe you want to narrow your search for KDE and specific products? No problem, here is an example:

$ bugz search KDE --product="openSUSE 11.0"
 * Using https://bugzilla.novell.com/
 * Searching for 'KDE' with the following options:
 * product = ['openSUSE 11.0']
113512 kde-maintainers Firefox in KDE - Only Uses GNOME Programs
170055 dmueller Firefox sets desktop background for Gnome under KDE
176179 kde-maintainers User can't edit properties for default notifications under KDE Storage Media and entries disepeared !
203548 sbrabec workrave-kde is an empty applet by default
[... and many more ...]

Of course, if you know the bug number you can retrieve it with:

$ bugz get 378240

and it will list all the details of the bug. Very useful! I haven’t tried the other subcommands yet, but I think they are also very convenient.

There are many more things to discover. So, when was your last time searching for bugs? 🙂

Help With Bug Hunting

May 20th, 2008 by

So far from what I’ve heard and seen, people really like the upcoming 11.0 release – yes it is now only a month away 🙂

To try and make sure it is even better come release date the guys and gals need good bugreports, and preferably not duplicate bugs. One handy tool for searching for your bug is Martin Vidner’s Bugzilla search tool. This has been formed into an OpenSearch plugin by the maestro that is Benji.

Basically all you need to do is head over to here and then select your search engine drop down menu and choose “Add openSUSE 11.0 Bug Search”. I have tried it in FireFox 2 and 3, but Konqueror should be pretty much the same.

Thanks to Martin and Benji for this lovely facility, and now there is no excuse for not filing correct bug reports 😉 Happy bug hunting.

Thanks again to Benji, he has corrected my mistake for adding the search option in Konqueror. Just do the following:
settings -> configure konqueror -> web shortcuts -> new
bnc search settings in konqueror