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Archive for October 9th, 2008

OpenOffice_org 3.0rc4 available

October 9th, 2008 by

I’m happy to announce that OpenOffice.org rc4 packages are available in the Build Service OpenOffice:org:UNSTABLE project.

We hope that this is the last release candidate and that we will provide the final package in the OpenOffice:org:STABLE project the following week.

Even though, we are very close the final release, the package still might include even serious bugs. Therefore it is not intended for data-critical usage. A good practice is to archive any important data before an use, …

We kindly ask any interested beta testers to try the package and report bugs.

Note: openSUSE-11.1-beta2 and FACTORY include totaly reworked packages where the build is split into many source packages. It is a bit broken right now. We would like to put it into the Build Service as soon as possible but it will take some time to fix the build on older distributions again. Please be patient.


PageRank 6 for Indonesian openSUSE Community Website

October 9th, 2008 by

openSUSE-ID PRToday, I have a good news for Indonesian (and for all off) openSUSE community, our community website have PageRank 6 (PR 6). It would be not an important news for all of us, but it’s a good news for me because I know how difficult to get PR 6 with my personal blog 😛

Indonesian openSUSE community website built on July 23, 2007 and serve as the first place for discussion, finding tutorial and supporting openSUSE fans.

Google PageRank trend is consistent with the increase in the number of users of openSUSE (user who install openSUSE in their PC or laptop) in Indonesia and in tune with the increasing number of forums and mailing lists user. It’s also consistent with the frequency of users who accessing the page tutorial on website.

Hopefully PR 6 can be the extra spirit to continue the improvement of the openSUSE community in Indonesia. We hope to provide best support for users of openSUSE and it’s variants distro.

Our next project is increasing tutorial page and encourage the member to create their personal blog within openSUSE blogger community. We hope to see more and more openSUSE related articles, with English or Indonesian or another language.

openSUSE Board Elections : Campaign for Pascal Bleser

October 9th, 2008 by

openSUSE Board Elections phase 1 will be finally over at 1200 UTC on 09 October 2008. I’m quite silent with the elections discussion on openSUSE mailing list (marketing, project and another mailing list) due to my job, my project in Indonesian openSUSE community and due to Happy Eid Mubarak holiday here in Indonesia, but as openSUSE lovely user, I will vote for somebody who will be stand for openSUSE board, as our (or me as openSUSE user) gateway between community and Novell.

I’m really appreciated for everyone who take the opportunity as openSUSE board candidate. It should be a great job.  All of openSUSE board candidate have technical or supporting background, active in the community and show their great effort and participation in the past.

One of openSUSE board candidate is Pascal Bleser (well known as yaloki on IRC). I have a nice discussion by IRC and by mail with him and get a good response. He is an incumbent of openSUSE board, means that he was currently openSUSE board member with AJ, Coolo, Federico and Francis.

Pascal BleserI know he has good technically background (describing zypper stuff for about 1 hour 😛 ), active on FOSDEM, good dad for his baby (look at the photos 😀 ) and don’t forget, he has been actively on merging and joining Packman repositories for openSUSE.

I don’t see any reason why I could not choose him as openSUSE member for next period. With his experience as first openSUSE board member; his technically background; his connection to another person in various open source project; and his good position to understand relation between Novell and the community, he would be the best choice for next openSUSE member.

Vote and campaign for Pascal Bleser as openSUSE Board member !