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1-Click Bug Reporting?

August 23rd, 2009 by

First off, let me blow the dust off of my Lizards blog account 😉

Now that Bug iconwork and school has started to settle down, I’ve gotten back in to testing openSUSE’s newest version, 11.2. One of the things that annoyed me a little, though, was having to open Firefox to report or search for a bug in Bugzilla. So with a little inspiration from the Windows 7 beta’s links to “report a problem” everywhere, I created a desktop icon and panel launcher to automatically launch Firefox and open the “enter new bug” page on our Bugzilla.

You can download this icon here (right-click and Save Link As). Perhaps this is something that should be included with the pre-release versions of the OS starting in 11.3? What do ya’ll think?

Update: Due to a suggestion by Pavol Rusnak, it’s now in openFATE – #307492

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5 Responses to “1-Click Bug Reporting?”

  1. andrew

    I think this is a great idea. Anything that makes the process easier and less time consuming has got to be good.

  2. Jim

    This is a great idea and I’m amazed that such a thing is not included in all types of software all over the globe.

  3. Please create a feature for this in openFATE. I think this might get into 11.2 as well 🙂

  4. Kevin Yeaux

    openFATE 307492

    Let’s push it up 😉

  5. ra100

    an useful idea 😉