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Made my day…

September 7th, 2009 by

This morning when I started to work I found a bug report about Hermes. Nothing amazing so far, but hey – there is a patch attached to fix the problem!
We all know that this is the way it works in communities, but still, everytime it is a very good experience to get a patch that fixes something that was overseen, not thought through or forgotten for whatever reason. It means basically that somebody has found the problem and has not gone away but found it worth to take a closer look and help to fix it. For me, that is a great acceptance of my work and I bet that most developers feel that way.
So, if you want to motivate a developer, simply send a patch 🙂
Thanks, Christian, for bnc #537106 coming with a fix, you made my day.

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2 Responses to “Made my day…”

  1. ipwizard

    I sure do feel the same way if I receive such valuable work. It just happens too seldom.

  2. Adrian Schröter

    Christian is fearless 🙂