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new osc feature to review requests

February 11th, 2010 by


darix asked me to implement a new feature (and to blog about it 🙂 ) to review requests interactively. How it works:

osc request show <request id> –interactive. Example:
marcus@linux:~> osc rq show 32152 –interactive
Request #32152:

submit:   home:Marcus_H/bar(r1)(update) -> home:Marcus_H/foo

foo bar

State:   new          2010-02-11T02:40:20 Marcus_H
Comment: None

d(i)ff/(a)ccept/(d)ecline/(r)evoke/(c)ancel > a -m “reviewed and accepted”

If you just specified “a” or “d” or “r” osc will run $EDITOR to enter a message. To enable this interactive mode permanently add “request_show_interactive = 1” to the “[general]” section in your ~/.oscrc.

Comments, feature requests etc. are always welcome.

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4 Responses to “new osc feature to review requests”

  1. Ludwig Nussel

    what about introducing a new subcommand instead of adding options to ‘show’? e.g. osc request review $ID?

  2. }-Tux-{

    Yes that might be possible too but “osc request review…” is already used to change the “review state” of a request.

  3. Ludwig Nussel

    no, ‘review’ is an alias for ‘request’. a misfeature imo

    • Marcus Hüwe

      Hmm it’s just a “misleading” help text. You can also set a request into a “review” state. This means that someone/some group is reviewing the request and others cannot accept/decline etc. this request while it’s in the review state (e.g. you have to run “osc review accept/decline “). But this review stuff isn’t completely implemented in osc yet (I don’t know why). It still misses a command to set the request’s state to “review” (you can do this manually via curl “https://api.opensuse.org/request/32197?cmd=addreview&by_user=Marcus_H” -d “some comment”).